A Cure for the Grumpies

It is normally right here that you would see a picture, but I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach today. Oh, don’t worry, there will be pictures, but not until after a brief explanation of today’s post. Yesterday, it would seem, everyone had a serious case of the Grumpies. Not necessarily in our house. Actually, the kids were in a good mood all day, despite the fact that it was too darn cold to go for a walk, like we had wanted.

I was reading blogs, as I do every day, and while normally I come across lighthearted pieces, it would seem that everyone(almost) had endured terrible weekends, and was desperate to tell me about it! Obviously we all have bad days and weeks, but it would seem that everyone was down in the dumps at the same time! From what I could tell, people weren’t just being whiny, but rather, were lamenting the legitimately bad things that had befallen them.

So here it is, my gift to all of you who may need a pick-me-up. I present “A Cure for the Grumpies”.

Tevye and Saarah really enjoy showing off how big their muscles are, and for a while, I had them quoting “Anchorman”. Each time they would flex their muscles, they would enthusiastically exclaim “Two tickets to the gun show”

But wait, there’s more! Oh sure, anyone can show off their biceps, but after a long day of riding his bike, Tevye got into the habit of showing off his big leg muscles. Now there are numerous ways one might choose pose while flexing your leg muscles, but I think that only Tevye could have come up with this:

Well it certainly isn’t what I might have come up with, but man, with legs like that, who needs Spanish beef?(So most of you wont get the joke, but it’s funny. I could explain it, but it would take too long, and probably lose all effect by the time I’d finished. Ugh, fine, so there’s a professional cyclist from Spain who was recently charged with taking a banned substance, Clenbuterol, which he claimed wasn’t intentional, but rather, due to the fact that he had eaten one tainted steak. It always reminds me of a scene from Seinfeld when Elaine tests positive for Opium, and it’s all due to her poppy seed muffin. Alright, so was I right? Did it lose something in the explanation? Probably. Well if you hadn’t pestered me so much to explain it to you, we could have all moved on with our lives by now. Of course, those of you who DID get the joke right away are probably sick of reading all this now. Ahem, meanwhile, back at the ranch…)

Saarah refused to show off her big muscles, but did this instead:

Apparently she was too busy playing with her princesses to help me out today. Well, if you can look at that picture, and not feel even slightly less grumpy, then you have a heart of stone.

Lately, the kids have made it a daily habit to practice writing letters. They thoroughly enjoy this particular activity, and can spend ages(I think they were at it for over an hour yesterday!) doing just that. Here’s Tevye showing me just how much he’s enjoying learning:

Tevye has just come over to me and asked what I was up to. I informed him that I was writing, just like I do every morning, and that I was hoping to cheer some people up. I asked him what sorts of things make him happy. He told me that he likes to hear Stompin’ Tom. That’s my boy! What a good Canadian you are, Tevye! His favourite Stompin’ Tom song is the Ketchup Song, which, if you’re interested, can be heard here.

Well, I sincerely hope that everyone has a significantly better day today. I’m off to flex my big leg muscles!

12 Responses to “A Cure for the Grumpies”
  1. Nicole says:

    I feel wonderful after reading this! I didn’t feel bad or grumpy before, but it still feel better!

  2. Donna says:

    Well you certainly made my bad day yesterday go away and make me smile!
    You can tell Tevye that my favourite Stpmpin’ Tom song is
    C-A-N-A-D-A, and a wonderful way to celebrate being Canadian!

    • Oh, he loves that one too! We used to sing it in the car all the time. Actually I’d throw in a line from “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, and it always made him laugh and state “That would be silly”.

      In C-A-N-A-D-A we never change our socks!

  3. christine says:

    How could there be any Grumplestiltskins with those sweet and silly kiddos?

    I do love the muscle flexing. What a hoot!

    • hahaha, again with the “Grumplestiltskin”. Hilarious, with, as you can see, a captial “H”.

      Lately they’ve started showing off their muscles during supper. We’ve told them that they need to eat healthy food to make them big and strong, and so they show us the immediate effect that their supper has taken!

      Sigh, if only it was that simple.

      • christine says:

        Adorable. My story is much less so. Alice used to flex when she was *ahem* on the toilet. Why? Well, one day she must have had too much cheese and was having troubles *ahem* moving things along. I told her to use her muscles. I obviously meant her abdominal muscles, but she associated muscles with biceps. Thus, the absurd display.

      • She’s a hoot-and-a-half!

        T’heck with increasing fibre in your diet, just flex your biceps. Take THAT All Bran cereal!

  4. chris9911 says:

    Haha, two thoughts
    1. Love the pink socks on your son. It validates you truly are a stay home dad..lol
    2. Whats up with people not understanding the Spanish beef joke? 2012 tour is going to suck without Contador. I would have paid hundreds of dollars to see Contador and Schleck repeat stage 18 of 2011 tour…damn, guess its not happening!

    • Yeah, after “chain-gate”, it’s a real shame that we wont get to watch the rematch. I doubt that there would be anything more nerve-wracking than getting The Look from Shleck, as you’re climbing up 15%.
      I guess it’s really setting the stage for 2013, when it’s the 100th running of the Tour. I can’t wait!

      • chris9911 says:

        Don’t even get me started on that one. I’m looking for ways to quit my job for 2013, so I can take my family, rent an RV, and camp out on top of L’Alpe d’Huez for the tour.

      • Oh man, that would be awesome! Did you hear the rumours about the riders having to go up Alpe d’Huez twice in one day that year?! Ri-stinking-diculous!

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