Did we move to the Arctic?

Last night I was giving Nicole a sneak preview of today’s photos, and as soon as I opened up iPhoto, she exclaimed “Where did we move to? The Arctic?!”

Now obviously we didn’t move above the Arctic Circle, though some days in the middle of February, when the harbour has been frozen solid for a while, and you get a bright, clear, cold day, it can sometimes look like that.

Yesterday we had some very important things to take care of, but we had to wait until it was warm enough so that we could walk, and poor Saarah’s teeny, tiny hands wouldn’t freeze solid.

First off, the absolute most important errand of the day was to stop in at Tim Horton’s and get a coffee. You may be querying why this is such an important task. If this is the case, then you are clearly not from Canada. On Monday, the annual tradition of “Rrrrrrroll up the Rim” started. Now, for those of you from places outside of our peculiar nation, I shall enlighten you. There’s a month-long period when you purchase a hot beverage from the greatest of Canadian institutions, Tim Horton’s, something magical happens! First, you examine the fact that your cup is different, and now it lists the thousands of dollars of fabulous merchandise, available to be won(Cars, televisions, camping equipment, donuts, and more coffee!). You sit there, sipping your beverage, the anticipation ever-building. Yesterday the feeling of excitement was heightened to extremes never felt before, as I watched person after person coming up to the counter to claim their free coffee!

Tevye and I discussed which wonderful prize we might win today, and he decided he’d like the big TV. Getting ever-closer to the bottom of the cup, you could see the eyes of my children getting larger and larger, wondering what wondrous goodies awaited us.

Finally, the cup was empty, which meant that now I got the opportunity to roll up the impossible rim of those damnable cups. Struggling and sweating, thumbs red from the excessive pressure needed to complete the task, I forged ahead. Groans were emanating from the deep recesses of my belly, such was the effort required!

Then, the rim had been successfully rolled, my children eagerly awaiting the result of my efforts. “Please Play Again”, “So Sorry, Charlie”, “No Luck, Chuck”.

Now, the odds of winning, I’m told, are 1 in 6. Well that seems pretty good. I’ll always take a free coffee, and I challenge you to find a stay at home parent who would say otherwise. In all my years on this planet, the vast majority of years residing in Canada, you’d think I’d won my share of coffee and donuts. Well you’d be wrong. Once. Yep, that’s it, one lousy coffee. Not only that, but it took until the very last day during last year’s Roll Up month.

Since this was the result I was fully anticipating, I moved on, even if deep down I was a little disappointed. The kids were a little perplexed that I wasn’t more bothered by being, and I kid you not, the ONLY guy in the whole restaurant who didn’t win something. I believe they were more put off by my cup not being lucky than I was.

Now that we had finished not winning anything, we could go on our merry way. To ease the pain, we decided that a rousing round of Snowballs on the Ocean was in order.

Tevye decided, as he was throwing chunks of ice onto more ice, that he would name each and every piece that he threw. He named them all “Icy”. These characters were desperate, for some reason, to end up in a small hole in the ice. Sadly, none of them made it.

Alas and alack, such was the luck we were having yesterday. First no prize at Tim’s, and now the poor Icies, unable to make it to their desired destination.

Oh, and we had to get Tevye’s glasses fixed. One of the nose pieces has broken off when they got sat-upon the other night. They were fixed right up, and thankfully the good folks at Prism Optical said it was covered under the warranty.

You might be inclined to think that the broken glasses would be the most important of our day’s tasks, but then you might also not be Canadian.

One final note, I don’t mean to offend anyone who isn’t Canadian in this piece. Please don’t take it as such.

16 Responses to “Did we move to the Arctic?”
  1. Thanks, “Tatte”! I always know it’s time to visit Canada when it’s Roll up the Rim to Win time. The film “One Week” has been streaming on Netflix here in the US (and so few newish movies stream), so maybe a few more people down in Yankeeland will learn a thing or two about Timmy’s. Of course, they could always go get a double double in Times Square –that’s where we go when we’re missing a bit of Canadiana.

    • It’s always a great time to visit Canada, but during Roll-up, well, it doesn’t get much better than that. It always signals to me that spring is only a month away, and winter, despite how it feels sometimes, wont ACTUALLY last forever.

      Thanks so much for reading!

  2. chris9911 says:

    That looks pretty chilly. I am expecting a perfect sunny 61degree weather out here. Oh wait, that would be 16degrees if you are Canadian. Have fun sledding.

    • Oh man, 16 degrees sounds like a dream! Cycling outside would be terrific with that temperature!

      You’re living the dream!

      • chris9911 says:

        Man, I can’t believe you just said that. Me living the dream? You, sir, are living the dream of what many fathers can only dream about. I would be willing to give up my left shifting fingers to be a stay home dad..lol

      • I only meant so far as the weather was concerned. I realize that getting to stay home with my children is a huge privilege, and one that I do not take lightly or for granted.
        There is nothing I’d rather do.

      • chris9911 says:

        Yes, I know you were referring to the weather. I also do know how difficult it is to be a stay home dad. I did attempt it for about 1 year and then, long story short, my wife basically fired me from that position becuase I wasn’t giving “adequate” care and attention to the kids..lol

  3. christine says:

    Any excuse to have someone else make your coffee is a good one. Now, make it free, and you’ve got the beginning of an amazing day. Which it looks like yesterday was for you and your crew.


    • Yeah, yesterday was a good day.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I might end up with a free coffee this year, but I wont be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out. Heck, I’ve got all the snow I can handle! You know the old saying “Free coffees come and go, but snow is(seemingly) forever!

  4. Oh, how I miss TIm Hortons!!

  5. Haha love this one! I’m about as lucky as you with my rolls. My heart sinks every time I read “essayez” (that happens to be the spot I always roll). Such a disappointing feeling when you’re hoping for a car. . .

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