Christmas in February

Tevye and Saarah have this wonderfully annoying habit of bringing out every single toy, book, and blanket that they own at the same time. If I don’t stay on top of them, repeatedly reminding them that they need to keep their toys relatively tidy, then within an hour I find myself avoiding a veritable tidal wave of toys. The villagers can be seen running for higher ground, trying desperately to avoid the destruction. If I happen to be busy while this is going on, I’m generally tipped-off by the local wildlife acting peculiarly.

Of course, by “villagers”, I actually just mean myself, and when I say “wildlife”, I’m referring to the cats.

So yesterday afternoon I was starting to get supper ready, as is often my habit, when I noticed the telltale signs of impending messiness. There was Tevye, with his blanket and some toys, playing quietly. I can only assume he was being so quiet because he was hoping to see how messy he could make the house before I noticed. Of course, he decided that the very best place to start this activity was immediately between the kitchen, and the pantry, which was about as “in the way” as he could possibly¬† be at that moment.

Of course, as soon as one of them starts, the other has to join in their messy endeavours.

I inquired with Tevye what he was up to. He told me that he was pretending to be Santa, and he was delivering toys on Christmas. He had gotten all of these toys from his elves, and now he was putting them in his sack.

Once all of the toys had been packed, they were off to make deliveries. Curious as to who they would be delivering these toys to, I followed along, armed with the camera.

They traversed all of 10 feet to the living room, where they laid their giant bundles of toys down on the floor. Then, suddenly, they started opening up these giant packages, and their rolls had switched from Giver to Gifted.

Eagerly they perused all of the wonderful surprises that awaited them. Cars, trains, a ball, and a slightly used hockey stick!

Wow, Santa, how did you know?

I am, of course, reminded of Mr. Bean writing a pile of Christmas cards, putting them in envelopes, walking out the door, only to put each one through his own mail slot. Immediately thereafter, he reenters his house and, looking pleasantly surprised, discovers the large pile of Christmas cards awaiting him upon his return home.

5 Responses to “Christmas in February”
  1. clownonfire says:

    It took me some time to realize that a quiet kid means the end of the world…. The sound of silence is the loudest alarm for a parent. Run and take cover when you don’t hear anything…

    • Yeah, I’m much more alright when they’re both making all kinds of noise than when they’re both quiet. It’s always a big worry. I’m building a panic room in the basement for just such an emergency!

  2. Oh How I feel your pain, Parker believes that our house should look like Toys R Us threw up in it. I attempt to keep it clean however, I normally fail miserably! Usually as I pick the living room up, he is next to me taking everything I put away out again! It drives me crazy.

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