Nearly Naked Aerobics

Yes, the title may seem misleading, given that my children are both fully-clothed in this picture, but, as you will soon discover, it’s more accurate than it would appear.

Trying to keep up a physically-active lifestyle while it’s stupidly cold outside(-18C today) can be difficult. The level of difficulty is increased when you are the parent of two preschoolers(Ugh, they’re so needy sometimes. Seriously, why can’t they just entertain themselves for hours on end?). Thankfully, it can be accomplished.

I have my bike attached to a turbo trainer and stare at a computer screen while the text across the images taunts me. It is not nearly as enjoyable as riding through the countryside on a warm summer day, but it certainly is effective.

So, while I’m downstairs, usually pleading with cyclists on the screen to just slow down already, and wondering why it seems like a good idea to ride up this absurdly steep mountain, Nicole is upstairs with the children. The three of them have taken up doing an exercise routine featured on a video in our living room. I want to call it aerobics, but I’m sure that I’ll get lectured for making such a grave error.

“This is nothing like aerobics! Do you see spandex, sweat bands, and leg warmers? Ugh, Tatte, people don’t DO aerobics anymore.”

Well I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to call it!

So anyways, when I had finished my ride yesterday, I came upstairs, and what should I discover in the living room? There’s Mama, doing her, um, routine(can I call it that, at least?), dressed in an appropriate fashion. Beside her are two significantly smaller people, stripped all the way down to their undergarments, following right along.

At first I was taken aback by the whole picture. I wasn’t sure if perhaps there was a lack of oxygen getting to my brain, causing adverse effects on my vision.

After a moment, I realized that my children were indeed nearly naked while they exercised. They didn’t seem to find any issue with this fact, and were just so darn proud of themselves that they were following the regime that I couldn’t very well discourage them.

After I had finished my shower, I came out to discover that Saarah’s tights were now off, and thus had furthered the undressing while exercising. When I questioned her motives, I was informed that the lady on the TV had taken off a layer, so she was just doing the same. The lady on the video was wearing shorts, as opposed to pants now, and not parading around in her underwear, as my charming daughter might have you believe.

At one point, while Saarah was trying desperately to stand on one foot, she announced “My balance is making me wiggle!”

Oh, and I took pictures today, which is why the kids have all of their clothes on in the pictures.

11 Responses to “Nearly Naked Aerobics”
  1. christine says:

    Why is it that kids love being naked (or nearly naked) so much? I can imagine the giggles that erupted when you came up to the partially-clothed exercise scene. What a hoot.

    • Few times in my life have I been more surprised than I was at that exact moment.

      I haven’t the foggiest idea why children enjoy running around as naked as the day they were born, but that sort of self-confidence would be tremendous as an adult! Thankfully, my children don’t seem too keen on the idea of being naked at the beach, at a lake, or in the grocery store. They save all of their naked-time for home.

  2. clownonfire says:

    Do we ever grow out of wanting to be naked? Kids just have more common sense.

  3. kelloggs77 says:

    My son strips down pretty much every time we walk in the door. He sees his nakedness as a “costume” of sorts. He likes to pretend to be monsters, snow beasts, jungle cats, and such…none of which wear clothes. So I guess it makes total sense.

    • That’s pretty funny! I’ve always thought it was a little peculiar that we are the only species to wear clothes. Hopefully your son is still young enough that it’s cute when he does it. I mean, if he’s 15 and still taking off his clothes when he comes inside, well, that’s just weird.

      Thanks for reading.

      • kelloggs77 says:

        Thankfully, he’s just three. So it’s still cute. Here’s to hoping it resolves itself before it just gets awkward. By the way, it is really refreshing to read a “parenting” blog written from a father’s perspective…which in most cases probably isn’t that different from a mother’s perspective. But it does well to help show that parenting is a team sport, and it doesn’t really matter who fills which roles as long as they are being filled.

  4. Adriel Booker says:

    haha, kids just love to be naked don’t they?! well, little ones at least. 🙂

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