A Real Humdinger – A Household Tip

First off, let me just say how much I enjoy the word “humdinger”. It is truly a fantastic, stupendous word. One might even go so far as to say, a real humdinger of a word! Then again, maybe it’s just me. What I don’t fully understand is why it generally has to be preceded by … Continue reading

Not Really My Thing

Last week, when we went to the beach and I neglected to tote along my bazooka,  and I mentioned that we had some awkward encounters. Really? You don’t remember this? Well perhaps you should speak to your doctor about memory-loss. Seriously, it was less than a week ago that I brought this up, and how … Continue reading

“Hide” and Seek

Yesterday, prior to supper, Mama and the kids were playing “hide” and seek. The reason I put the word “hide” in quotation marks is apparent if you’ve ever played this game with preschoolers. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I shall explain, as best I can, the tactics used by small children: First off, they … Continue reading

I Thought This was Behind Us

As I recall, about a week and a half ago, I mentioned that it was almost Spring, and if it was still looking like winter the following Friday, I would be registering a formal complaint. Well last Friday, while it was no longer T shirt weather, it wasn’t bad. Last night, around 9pm, that self-absorbed … Continue reading

Saarah’s Perfect Day

On Saturday, it was one of those rare days when absolutely everything comes together to form the perfect day. I don’t know what had transpired to create such a terrific 24 hours, but for Saarah, life was good. While the day started off like any normal weekend morning, it soon escalated in its terrific nature. … Continue reading

The Beach – Part Deux “Bazookas and Ticklers”

Do you see what I’m up against?! How can you possibly say “No” to that face? It’s just not fair. She was, at the time of this photograph being taken, supposed to be eating lunch quickly so that we could go back to the beach. She was very excited to go to the beach and … Continue reading

Beach Oddities

I’ve been so good about remembering to bring the camera with me whenever we go out. Whether we’re playing in the back yard, or going for a walk, it’s perpetually on my list of things to bring along: Wallet √ Keys √ Both children √ Bazooka(I find that it helps with unwanted of awkward conversations) … Continue reading

Ministry of Silly Walks or My Daughter, the Jedi

Yesterday was an extraordinarily warm day. While the picture may lead you to believe it was a little chilly outside, what with my children being in bulky sweaters, and all, it was actually 16C. I was down to a t-shirt, and not the slightest bit cold. The kids just refused to take their sweaters off. … Continue reading

The Princess and Her Throne

Sometimes the kids and I are in separate rooms, doing different things. I know that this may come as a complete shock to some people, wondering how I could possibly trust my children to behave in a separate room. What if they get up to something dangerous? What if they stick things in electrical sockets? … Continue reading

Warm Enough for Balls

Given that it’s a B-E-A-uitiful day, we all thought that some outdoor play time was in order. While it’s still a little too brisk for me to be running around in my bikini(I hope you weren’t about to eat supper when THAT image was implanted in your brain, forever ruining the very concept of the … Continue reading