Beem-bomisms Friday – Eating Worms

Holy smokes, is it really Friday already?! Apparently it is. Oh, that reminds me, I have to flip my desk calendar to today. I wonder if it’ll be funny. Wait right there, and I’ll go check. Hmm, not even mildly. Well that’s a bit of a let down.

Where was I? Oh yeah, it’s Friday, which means that it’s time for another installment of Beem-bomsims!(cue the 1970’s game show music)

On Saturday nights, as is the tradition of many people across Canada, we all gather around the TV to watch hockey. We’ve actually started to develop quite the set of weekly traditions, but perhaps I’ll save that for a separate post. Since we live in Nova Scotia, Hockey Night in Canada doesn’t start until 8:00, which is past Tevye and Saarah’s bedtime, but we let them stay up to watch the first period. While this used to be just an occasional thing, it would seem that Tevye’s caught on, and it is now a weekly event. I don’t mind them staying up late once a week, especially if it’s for something sacred, like watching the Leafs. This does, however, mean that they’re both tired while they’re sitting on the couch with us, and when Tevye gets tired, he gets chatty. Not only chatty, but excessively so. He wont shut up. He will sit there and ask questions, and point things out, and talk non-stop for the duration of the period. I happen to find it hilarious, but that could be due to the fact that he only addresses his questions to Mama.

Half way through the period, there was a stoppage in play, as is often the case. One of the players was skating towards the bench, and he had his mouth guard dislodged from his teeth, and half of it was hanging out of his mouth. Again, a very common, albeit, less than attractive, sight in the game. It was at this point that Tevye bolted up, nearly launching himself off the couch, all while this gem came out of his mouth:

“Mama! Mama! Mama!”(One might’ve thought there was a monkey flying out of his bum, such was the urgency in his voice) “That hockey player is eating a worm!”

After our laughter had subsided to a point where we could speak again, the concept of a mouth guard was explained to our lovely and inquisitive son.

Our oil ran out on Tuesday night, and more wasn’t going to be delivered until Thursday around lunch. While that wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were, say, moderately warm, but this has not been the case lately. Our house is very open, which is terrific for small children, as they can run around and have lots of space to play. However, this is terrible if you’re trying to stay warm with only space heaters. They might claim that they’ll heat a moderately large space, but that’s just not true.

While I’m generally warm, even if Mama thinks it’s darn cold in the house, by yesterday morning I was frozen. I was trying to type up my blog post, but I think it took twice as long as usual, just because I was so darn cold.

At one point, the big goo-gone himself came waltzing into the room. He asked what I was up to, and I told him. I also expressed that I was less than warm, and was having trouble typing due to my hands being so chilly.

While it may have made sense that I put some gloves on(and looking back on it, it really would have made sense. I have no idea why I didn’t), this was not what Tevye suggested.

“Tatte, if you’re hands are cold, you should wear some hand sweaters”

He wasn’t trying to be funny, but it was. I pointed out that perhaps gloves would have worked. He and I chuckled warmly(it was the only warm thing about yesterday morning).

Last night I had the brilliant idea to include Saarah’s line from last weekend “My balance is making me wiggle”, however, when I checked this morning, I realized that I had already put that in “Nearly Naked Aerobics”.

On a side note, it turns out that there are a lot of people who do searches for “Naked Aerobics”. Some of them end up at this site, though I assume most of them end up in far different places.


3 Responses to “Beem-bomisms Friday – Eating Worms”
  1. I am currently thinking hand sweaters sound like a great idea!! Saskatchewan in winter (even a mild one) can be pretty chilly.
    I shared your blog with my husband and he too thinks it is a lot of fun! Thanks for the laughs

    • Yeah, I think Tevye might be on to something. I’m envisioning some sort of glove that’s meant to be worn indoors and not look completely ridiculous. Oh! and around Christmas, people could have “ugly hand sweater parties”! Fantastic.

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