Two Years in a Row?! A Follow-Up Piece to “Did We Move to the Arctic?”

This entry has absolutely nothing to do with my children. Not one darn thing. This one is all about me.

In “Did We Move to the Arctic” I was lamenting the fact that I’ve only ever won once at our beloved Canadian tradition of Rrroll Up the Rim. Yesterday we were out at Tim Horton’s, Mama was having a muffin, the kids were eating Timbits(crap, I talked about them, even though I said I wasn’t going to), and I was enjoying a large medium double double(You have no idea how many times I’ve goofed up my order since they changed their size names and ended up with way too much coffee. Perhaps not an inherently bad thing, but when you’ve got two antsy children waiting for you to finish, believe me, less truly is more).

As we were sitting there, I came up with a brilliant plan. See, my dream bicycle is a Cervelo S5. Now, they’re not exactly cheap, and so it’s just plain not in the cards right now. I managed to get my darling wife to agree that if I manage to win a car with my Tim’s cup, then we can sell our current car, and I can buy my bike. Obviously I’m not holding my breath on this one, but hey, all the more reason to be excited while rolling up my rim.

And so it was with baited breath that I rolled up the rim yesterday, and while it’s not exactly what I was hoping for, it’s a step in the right direction.

I’m optimistic that the luck, good fortune, whatever, that is permeating this torn piece of waxy paper, will produce a big winner, the next time I’m in a Tim Horton’s.

Of course, if I do manage to procure a sexy piece of carbon fiber, then I may change from a stay at home father, to a stay on bike father. Tevye has told me that he plans to buy me a Cervelo for my birthday. I hope he comes through. If he does, then, while I’ll be ecstatic, I’d be a little curious about how he’s managed to squirrel away thousands of dollars.

Sneaky little stinker

8 Responses to “Two Years in a Row?! A Follow-Up Piece to “Did We Move to the Arctic?””
  1. sillyliss says:

    Can you now tell me what a medium double double is? Sounds like doubletalk. Ha ha. We don’t have Tim Hortons where I live. Just Caribou Coffee, Atomic Coffee, Babb’s of Seattle, and Starbucks. And probably a million other places that are not Tim Hortons. Unless Tim Hortons is less a coffee place and more a doughnut place? We definitely don’t have that either.

    • Well medium pertains to the size of cup, and double double is in reference to the amount of cream and sugar, which in this case is 2 cream and 2 sugar.

      A couple of months ago the chain revised all of their sizing, and so what used to be a large is now a medium. As someone who is horribly resistant to change, I goofed up and ordered a size too big at least 5 times. You’d think I would have caught on, but alas, this was not the case. I have since figured it out.

  2. Lotus Mama says:

    Hey…just realized you are a Canadian as well. If you really like Cervelo, you might want to check out Cyclo Mondo:
    and their Octto bikes:

    My friend from my former mountain biking/x-country skiing days owns the company and designed the frame and parts for road bikes, mountain biking and cyclocross. He has worked closely with Cervelo as well. Anyway, just thought it might be an interesting lead for you in your pursuit of your dream bike, Not sure if it might make a difference price wise too. Happy trails!

  3. Maya Fitz says:

    I’ve already won 3 this season. Mind you, I drink a MEDIUM double double almost daily 🙂 Good-luck winning the car. I’m going for the $$$$ 😉

  4. Lynne Ayers says:

    And did you realize that not only is Timmy’s a Canadianism but so is ‘double double’? I really gotta get down to Timmy’s and check the rims. And did you know you don’t have to actually buy a coffee – you know, no purchase necessary … but who can resist the caramel apple fritters?

    • You can play roll up online for free. If you go to their facebook page, and perhaps on their website as well. While I certainly haven’t won anything that way, I’ve heard that people have won all sorts of terrific stuff.

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