Beem-bomisms Friday – What’s the Point?!

Over the course of the past week, my ridiculous children have said some pretty wacky things, and as a result, made this post incredibly easy to put together.

Last Saturday night, we had a few things to pick up at the grocery store. The kids can sometimes be, shall we say “less than angelic” while grocery shopping, especially if they’re fighting about who gets to sit where in the cart. Young siblings acting up and arguing?! Hard to believe, I know.

Thankfully, there was no scene at the entrance of Sobeys, with Saarah sitting in the cart and Tevye deciding to walk. Things were pretty run-of-the-mill until right at the end. I took Saarah to the dairy aisle in search of margarine, and Mama and Tevye were off elsewhere(knowing them, they were probably eying up candy in the next aisle over). While I was trying to figure out which tub of margarine was the most economical, Saarah, who had just been searching my coat pockets for lobsters, completely unprompted, exclaimed for all the store to hear “Cheese and crackers! What’s the point?”.

As she made this bold, and somewhat philosophical statement, she threw her hands up into the air, and looked to the heavens, as if expecting the answer to come from on high.

It should be noted that cheese and crackers is Saarah’s favourite snack. She refuses to go a full day without consuming two pieces of cheese with two crackers.

I don’t believe I had finished laughing from this statement, when Saarah resolved to step-up her beem-boming efforts. She was looking at a tiny whisk, marketed for the purposes of beating eggs, and hanging near the margarine. I know that when I’m shopping for margarine, I’m always inclined to do my whisk-shopping at the same time. It was these tiny, designated-for-eggs whisks, that prompted the following statement:


Thankfully, it was at this point that the other two came back, and Tevye handed me a tub of margarine from a display elsewhere in the store. Apparently it was on sale, and, more importantly, saved me from trying to figure it out while Saarah was saying the most ridiculous things.

A few months back, I was tucking Tevye into bed for the night. I had read him a story, and he was giving me a hug and a kiss, when suddenly he stopped and looked very intently at my beard. Apparently I hadn’t trimmed it recently enough for my son’s liking, because he told me “Tatte, you need to grind your beard and your moustache”.

I trimmed it the very next day, though the entire time I was thinking how much more exciting it would be if I was using a grinder to do the job, sparks flying everywhere, and enough noise to wake the dead.

Yeah, that’s my daughter. A class-act, all the way. This picture was taken a couple of years ago. What child puts their feet up while sitting in a high chair?! You might think it was an isolated incident, but I’m still telling her that I don’t want to see her toes on top of the table while we’re eating supper.

A few weeks back, after having finished supper, Tevye and I had left the table and Mama and Saarah were just sitting there. All was quiet, when the silence was broken by Miss Saarah, informing her dear mother, as plain as anything, that “Whales don’t have sinks”.

“Well no, Saarah, they don’t. I don’t have any idea why a whale would possibly need a sink”

And that’s the way my children saw the world this week.

10 Responses to “Beem-bomisms Friday – What’s the Point?!”
  1. My daughter did the same thing with her high chair… in case that makes you feel any better.

    Her statement of the week: You always spin a dreidel, you never spin your head.

    This was prompted (I hope) by the following YouTube video (she was referencing the part at about 2:41). I’m shocked that I was able to figure this out, since we hadn’t watched that video in over a week.

    Video: (titled: Jewish Rock of Ages)

  2. Melissa says:

    It’s convenient how they sell the tiny whisks right near the eggs! They don’t do that in my store.

    Cheese and crackers — what’s the point? I think this should be my new mantra. Cracks me up!

    • In most places that’s where one would find eggs near the cheese and butter, however, they’re nowhere near each other in grocery stores here. If the whisks were kept near the eggs it would make sense.

      Some days I think that a monkey is planning the grocery store item placement in this province.

      It was pretty darn hilarious when she said it.

  3. Bob Callow says:

    WOW – This is a really good (and funny) Blog, Moishe! You two parents have created amazing children with such wonderful humour and quick wit!
    – “G” bless you all!

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