Escape from Tatte Mountain

Before I continue with today’s post, I should acknowledge the fact that my blog looks completely different than it did this time yesterday. This was by design, and not some horrible, random accident that happened overnight while everyone was sleeping. That could be a good idea for an evil villain in a kid’s show. The evil…no “evil” is too strong a word for the target audience. “The Blog Wackifier” strikes again, switching up the themes and appearance of blogs everywhere! Whether it be Parenting, Food, or Entertainment, no blog is safe from the mouse-work and keystrokes of The Blog Wackifier!

So anyways, I’ve changed the appearance, and I hope you like it. If you’re on the homepage, the most recent post is abundantly apparent, as it’s listed right below the blog header. Further down the page, you’ll find all of the previous entries, as well as all the other stuff that’s always been available, such as links to the Facebook page, twitter feed, and other junk. There’s also a spot where you can subscribe to get the latest “Musings” delivered to your inbox as soon as they’re published.

On with today’s entry!

This morning, following an invigorating round of everyone’s favourite game, known around here as “Make the house as messy as possible”, they moved on to playing with cars.

I had them help tidy up their toys, but since I wanted it done sometime before Chanukah, I ended up doing most of the actual tidying. I want them to learn a sense of responsibility, and to know that they need to clean up when they’re done playing with something, but they are preschoolers, after all. While it would be delightful, I cannot, in reality, expect them to keep the house spotless at all times. Really, if I can get them to put a third of their toys away, while I’m helping with the remainder, I count it as a successful clean-up.

Once they had moved on to playing cars, I cracked out the camera so that I could capture all of their high speed hijinks. They must have spent a good five minutes driving the cars very slowly, on and off squares of paper. They told me that they were practicing parking. Wow, really? Alright, I suppose it’s good to be safe.

After this, they moved on to speeding through the living room as fast as they could. I happened to be sitting on the floor, taking pictures, though apparently I had somehow transformed into a mountain. Not only that, but their cars were determined to get to the top of the mountain. I had fully expected something grand to be at the summit, or that it was a race. Nope, just the thrill of the climb.

Once their mountaineering expedition had been completed, they turned their efforts to driving in circles as fast as they possibly could. They would spin around, cars in hand, until such a time as they would fall down.

Of course, as soon as one of the cats came in the room, the spinning ceased, and the new game of chasing the cats around the room with their tiny cars commenced. The cat just stood there, the usual unimpressed look firmly plastered to her face, and refused to participate in this wretched tomfoolery.

Note:Do you have any idea how many pictures I had to take of Saarah spinning before I ended up with one that wasn’t just her bum?! There were at least 5 that, somehow, ended up just showing a big pink bum taking up the entire frame.


7 Responses to “Escape from Tatte Mountain”
  1. I can’t quite imagine that such a teeny tiny girl’s bottom could take up an entire frame..hehehe Sounds like they had a VERY fun morning and I agree with the clean up..if they help at all it is a good thing. I also want to know how such teeny little beings can have SO MUCH energy!!
    Have a great rest of the day!

  2. christine says:

    Hey! I know that game! “Make the House as Messy as Possible” is also The Kidling’s favorite. When I dare turn either the living room chair or couch back into said objects (rather than the fort/cave/bed/pet store/anything-other-than-what-it-actually-is), she reads me the riot act.

    • Ugh, I hate getting lectured by my children. When they try and tell me that I’m not allowed to sit in my chair because it’s currently occupied by either their bums or their toys. Somehow it usually works, and I end up having to sit elsewhere.

  3. Pink Ninjabi says:

    So delightfully funny as I chuckle through my pneumonia onto the reminders of how wonderful and simple life is. Sooo funny! thank you for sharing..

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