My Brand New Cervelo R3

That’s right folks, I now have a Cervelo. My wife is not aware of my new acquisition as of yet, so I’m sharing my joy here with people who aren’t going to yell at me for spending an inordinate amount of money on a bike. Here’s a picture of my new beauty

Alright, so perhaps it’s not real. Perhaps I got carried away playing with plasticine with the kids this afternoon. Perhaps I ALWAYS get carried away when it comes to playing with plasticine. Since I was being told by the kids that I was only allowed a small amount of plasticine, I had to make a very small bike, which made putting a blue stripe and all of the lettering very tricky.

I would post pictures of the kids’ creations, but quite frankly, they suck. They’re just a mess of colours, all smashed and squished together, and I’m told that they represent something. Mine is far superior to anything that they were able to come up with.

11 Responses to “My Brand New Cervelo R3”
  1. Dig it! Love your posts…keep them coming!

  2. sillyliss says:

    “I was only allowed a small amount of plasticine…”


    This so rings true to me. And you are an artistic genius.

    • Yeah, it was funny, though a little frustrating. I originally just had black and white, and when I wanted a bit of grey, well I had to do an awful lot of begging and negotiating. They weren’t even using it. Ugh, kids can be so mean.

      I don’t know if I quite qualify as “an artistic genius”, but thank you.

      Oh, you know what the kids are saying at this very moment? “We’ll share with Tatte now”. Gosh, thanks guys.

  3. meizac says:

    “…quite frankly, they suck….” Bahahahaha!

  4. Lotus Mama says:

    Nice bike! You should send a photo of this to Cervelo and see if they’ll give you a free bike in return for using your model for promotional purposes 🙂

  5. Forrest says:

    That’s a very nice bike, and I can see from the blue-on-white color scheme that you went for Ultegra. 😉

    • You have a good eye! I figured that the SRAM Rival would be sufficient for my needs, but hey, why settle, right? 🙂

      • Forrest says:

        Most people would say “don’t settle for Ultegra, go Rival” but it’s a nice shade of blue. 😀

        I would love to see the uproar this would create if you posted this to some of the web’s bike forums…

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