The Princess and Her Throne

Sometimes the kids and I are in separate rooms, doing different things. I know that this may come as a complete shock to some people, wondering how I could possibly trust my children to behave in a separate room. What if they get up to something dangerous? What if they stick things in electrical sockets? What if they take up the art of fire-eating or sword juggling? Moreover, how could I possibly stand to be apart from such cute, terrific children?(believe me, the pictures only tell half the story. I could write an entire post about how they can be decidedly less-than-cute-and-terrific)

Relax, I’m fully prepared for all eventualities. We had a rough couple of weeks when I first started being a stay at home parent, but since then it’s been smooth sailing over calm seas. Heck, I’m even trained in first-aid now. Don’t tell the good people over at the Red Cross who did my First-aid/CPR training, but I’ve never run to my children’s aid and announced “My name is Moishe, I’m trained in First-Aid, and I’m here to help” as I was instructed to do. Actually, I usually take my time, finishing whatever I’m working on, saunter on over with a beer in one hand(unless it was the beer that I was working on, in which case, I finish that first), and query with all the care and concern I can muster “‘sup?”

Wow, that was a long-winded introduction. For those of you who have more pressing issues than listening to me go on and on about nothing, then why would you even show up to read my post? You know that’s how it’s going to be! When have I ever NOT been long-winded? See, even as I’m apologizing for being long-winded, I’m long-winded.

Okay, moving on. Seriously this time.

So I was in another room. The kids were in the living room. I never quite know what I’m going to discover when I go and check on them. Usually it’s a giant mess of things that they claim they’re playing with, but I can clearly see that they’re not. Then they get mad at me for having the audacity to suggest that perhaps they could clean up whatever they’re not currently playing with.

I walked in to discover the scene depicted in the photographs. Apparently Saarah thought that the chair wasn’t comfortable enough for her tiny frame, and so she needed three pillows to sit on. Furthermore, as she sat upon her fluffy throne, Tevye held an assortment of fruit for her perusal and choosing. I have absolutely no idea how Saarah has this much control over her brother. I’m not even sure if it’s because of something Saarah does, or if it’s related to Tevye’s personality(he’s a nice boy, but he can be, shall we say “a Wiener Extraordinaire”), or a bit of both.

At least they were playing nicely.

18 Responses to “The Princess and Her Throne”
  1. sillyliss says:


    I will take this time to mention that I really like Saarah’s purple socks. And the cat who is indifferent to the crowning of Saarah and the distribution of fruit products.

    I think you should stop what you are doing right now and run into the room, exclaiming, ““My name is Moishe, I’m trained in First-Aid, and I’m here to help!”

  2. As usual I found the post so much fun and so entertaining..I really am curious about what kind of fruit they are eating, are they melon balls or? (See I said balls and it wasn’t rude 🙂 )

  3. Enjoyed this…the mysteries of sibling communication and interaction.
    Peach State

  4. stephicakes says:

    As a fellow CPR and BLS certified person, I laughed so hard at that. Its so ridiculous isn’t it? I make fun of it all the time with other people I know who work in hospitals. “you, get the crash cart! you, call a code! Annie Annie are you okay!?”

    • Yeah, it is ridiculous. Really? You think that people will take me seriously if that is how I choose to introduce myself? If I were in great distress and someone said that to me, I doubt I’d want them getting anywhere near me. “yeah, you can help by calling an ambulance”

  5. christine says:

    That is darling. I cannot imagine Alice playing nicely with a sibling for extended periods of time. I really cannot.

    • If she were put in the situation, she might surprise you. We were wary of how Tevye was going to react when Saarah was born, given that his whole world was about to be turned upside down, but he took to her immediately. He made up games to play with her, like when she was in her jolly jumper, he would roll cars at her feet, and then she would kick them back. They both loved it.

  6. What a lovely moment! And I’m glad I’m not alone in letting my child out of my sight when we’re at home. It’s a small house, and there aren’t that many places for her to go. If I can’t spot her immediately, she’s probably playing her version of hide-and-seek. (Spoiler alert: she is always in the bathroom.)

  7. Hilarious, as usual.

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