Saarah’s Perfect Day

On Saturday, it was one of those rare days when absolutely everything comes together to form the perfect day. I don’t know what had transpired to create such a terrific 24 hours, but for Saarah, life was good.

While the day started off like any normal weekend morning, it soon escalated in its terrific nature. We went grocery shopping(What fun!-insert sarcastic face here), and while we were at the store, they were attempting to break a world record for “Most wheels of cheese cut at the same time in multiple locations”. Catchy title, I know. Well, Saarah loves cheese, and so when we walked in, and before her was a gigantic wheel of cheese, weighing 38kg(84lbs), she was pretty darn excited. Then a lady came up and handed her a sample. Well, life doesn’t get much better, until another lady came up and handed her MORE cheese.

Pretty darn awesome start to the day, if you ask Saarah

We managed to finish our shopping, and head home. The whole way home, there was a “beep” coming from the back seat. Saarah was playing with a small red stopwatch, shaped like an apple. She was pretending it was her new phone, and every time it would beep, she would “answer” it. As a matter of fact, if she wasn’t around, and Tevye heard it beep, he would run and tell Saarah that her phone rang. She would then come running, so as not to miss the call.

At one point, I mentioned that since her pretend phone was shaped like an apple, it could be her iPhone. I thought that I was being quite clever. She, however, didn’t get the joke, and instead placed the “phone” over her eye.

Sigh My comic-genius goes so unappreciated sometimes. And people wonder why I talk to myself. It’s usually because I’m the only one who chuckles heartily at my jokes.

Maggie, one of our cats, found herself in a rather amorous mood about nine weeks ago(I know, we should have had her fixed, but we never got around to it. We have full intention of doing so, but we just haven’t yet. Bob Barker would not be impressed. What do I care what Bob Barker thinks of me?! Maybe Bob Barker should learn to mind his own friggin’ business!), and she ended up doing the “dance with no pants” with one of the boy cats of our neighbourhood. Honestly, I don’t think the boy cat even bought her supper first! I KNOW that he didn’t call the next day, and he’s had no interest in her since. Man, some guys can be such jerks. Well, the long and the short of it is Maggie had kittens on Saturday afternoon. When Saarah found out, her already big eyes became the size of saucers.

She had three kittens, two black ones and an orange one, and they all have faces that look like curmudgeonly old men. Of course Saarah had to investigate just as soon as she was informed of this joyous news. The number of times she said “Awwww, so cute” would outnumber stars in the sky.

Even I, the great despiser of cats, have to admit that they’re pretty cute, and oh-so-soft. You know, they’d make a great coat!

I told the kids that they have to be nice and quiet if they want to go and see the kittens, and Saarah has gotten right on board with this idea. She uses, what she calls her “quiet feet”, which means that she’s stepping as softly as possible. It’s been working wonders for keeping them quiet at all times, recently. All I have to do is remind them that they need to be quiet because the kittens are sleeping. It works like a charm.

To top-off Saarah’s Perfect Day, we had hotdogs for supper. Hotdogs, or “hok-dogs” are Saarahs’ absolute favourite thing to eat.

She was a pretty happy girl by the time bedtime rolled around that night.

12 Responses to “Saarah’s Perfect Day”
  1. christine says:

    I confess I haven’t yet read the post. I “liked” simply for the saliva-inducing Parmigiano Reggiano shot. Truly. In a past life, I was one of Pavlov’s dogs.


    • Well now I don’t know that I can trust any of your “likes”. Just go around, pressing “like” all willy-nilly. Is nothing sacred?(I’m kidding, of course)

      For what it’s worth, the cheese was pretty darn delicious.

  2. sillyliss says:

    iPhone, hahahahahaha. You get a laugh-and-a-half from me for that one!

    Sidrah does the same thing with the phone. She has some of our hilariously old cell phones that she walks around with going, “Hewoo? Bye-bye!” over and over again. It honestly never stops getting cute.

    And hot dogs and kittens! What a weekend!

    My weekend was pretty good, but not free cheese good. If you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

  3. stephicakes says:

    like like like! The number of times that this post made me utter “awwww, so cute” rival’s Saarah’s. The fact that her brother told her her phone was ringing had my heart. but the eyePhone really sold it. Adding furry baby animals to that, and the cuteness has rendered me unable to do anything but sit here and make cheesey smiles. πŸ™‚

  4. Now that sounds like a pretty perfect day little Saarah had! How will you ever manage to top it?
    The kitties are adorable!! and of course so is Saarah with her cell phone.
    Have a great day even if it’s not another perfect one ehehe πŸ™‚

  5. stephicakes says:

    I want my cat to have kittens now! Too bad he’s a boy.

  6. christine says:

    Fancy cheese AND kittens! I don’t blame Saarah for being delighted with her day. Lucky gal.

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