Saarah’s Sneaky Secrets

On Friday morning, while I still wasn’t feeling well, I was determined to write a blog post. I sat in front of the computer, searching through pictures and wracking my brain, trying to come up with something that I might share. While I sat here, I could hear the children in another room, and it … Continue reading

The Souza

Yesterday afternoon, Saarah and I were in goofy sorts of moods, and we were making up words. I used the word “souza” in something I was saying, and she thought this was a pretty funny word. A few minutes later, she was busily looking at the corner for some reason, when out of nowhere, she … Continue reading

Why I haven’t been Blogging

First off, let me apologize for not posting anything over the past week. It’s not that I was too busy, or had nothing to write about, but rather, I’ve been horribly sick with the flu. Actually, the kids were also quite sick, though they managed to recover significantly faster than I’ve been able to. Somehow, … Continue reading

It’s Pronounced “Lentils”

Poor Tevye woke up feeling horribly sick yesterday morning, and spent the majority of the day either resting on the couch, or sleeping in his bed. He didn’t even get up until 11am, and then by 2pm he was back in his bed, sawing logs. He didn’t eat much of anything all day, claiming that … Continue reading

A Unique Birthday Present

If you were to ask Miss Saarah what the most important part of getting ready to go to the park is, she would tell you that ensuring adequate hair-clip-use is right near the top of the list. If one or two hair clips are nice, then how much better would 247 hair clips be? I … Continue reading

Time for a Nap

I was this close to not putting up a post today, primarily because I couldn’t think of a darn thing to write about. I once read a blog entry where the whole purpose of the poorly written ramblings were that the “writer” wanted to inform his readers that he had nothing to write about on … Continue reading

The King of France

Tevye and Saarah have this delightful game, where they take everything they can find, line the items up, end-to-end, and pretend they’re a road. Then they drive their cars all over this road. Once the cars have reached the other end, they will go and get pieces from the beginning of the road, and add … Continue reading

On Breastfeeding Dinosaurs

I think that my son is a wonderful, terrific, smart, funny, and handsome little gentleman, but sometimes he causes me to stop and scratch my head. He can be rather peculiar at times, to say the least. When he and Saarah play games that have family roles, Saarah is generally the mother, while Tevye plays … Continue reading

The Famous Harmonica Players

It’s funny listening to Tevye and Saarah develop their vocabulary. One day they discover a new word, and suddenly they wont stop using it. Currently the word of choice is “famous”. I’m not sure where they heard it, or what the original context was, but suddenly, everything is “The famous (insert noun-of-choice here)”, whether it … Continue reading

The Bad Idea

This post is really more about me sleeping, and not Saarah, but are you aware of how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you’re asleep? It’s very tricky, I can assure you. When the children wake each morning, they have a wonderful method of inquiring whether or not we, the parents, … Continue reading