The Bad Idea

This post is really more about me sleeping, and not Saarah, but are you aware of how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you’re asleep? It’s very tricky, I can assure you.

When the children wake each morning, they have a wonderful method of inquiring whether or not we, the parents, have yet to awake: They sit in bed and yell until we show up. While their method is effective, it can be, shall we say, slightly obnoxious. Now, to be fair, Tevye has stopped doing this recently, but it is still by far Saarah’s favourite technique. There is nothing preventing them from getting out of bed, nor is there any obstacle blocking their path from reaching us where we slumber.

It was on Saturday night that we suggested that, instead of their usual scream-a-thon, why not mosey on down to Mama and Tatte’s room, and wake us up nicely. It may seem like a radical idea, I know, but I thought we’d give it a shot.

And it came to pass, one beautiful spring morning in early April(actually, there was nothing beautiful about yesterday morning. It was windy as stink, and we could barely see the end of the street, so heavy was the snowfall), when Tevye awoke. He, not wanting to venture down to our room alone, woke his sister, and with all the excitement of a new contestant on The Price is Right, they came on down(on a side note, we were giving blood last week, and while we were there I thought that it would be much more fun if that was how they called your name. I think that people would be more inclined to donate blood if the atmosphere was more like that of a game show. You could even wear a giant name tag, and be obligated to high-five everyone you passed on your way to the oral portion of the pre-donation exam. I don’t want to brag or anything, but there was a big “A+” on the front of my exam).

It should be noted at this point that I woke up at 5am yesterday to get a drink of water, and then couldn’t go back to sleep, so I was able to hear and enjoy the entire interaction between Saarah and Tevye.

They came into the room, opening the door very slowly and quietly. For a moment, Saarah paused to see if the kittens were about. They weren’t. She then suggested to Tevye that they wake us up, and it was at this moment that Tevye uttered something so unlike him, so hilariously innocent, that I couldn’t help but chuckle warmly. He said, in a loud whisper “This is a bad idea, Saarah”.

As they started to go, and my chuckling had subsided, I told them that it was okay and we were already awake.

We then all got up, and had a lovely day. There was cycling on TV, which is a terrific way to start the day, and Mama made supper, which meant that I didn’t have to, which is a terrific way to end the day. Oh, and it was some Christian holiday, where a bunny came and brought some dude back to life with magic chocolate eggs, or something like that.

5 Responses to “The Bad Idea”
  1. christine says:

    I love the visual. What fun that you were awake to hear it all. Alice vascillates between yelling for me to come get her and coming to our room to ask, “Mom? Is it morning yet?” I would love to be able to count on a nice, quiet awakening. Every day. Alas, there is no consistency in parenting, is there?


    • If there was consistency, where would the challenge be? Yeah, it was pretty terrific being able to hear the whole thing. It almost made up for having been awake since 5am.

  2. sillyliss says:

    Teyve is wise behind his years. That is a pretty neat trick, Tatte, getting them to come to you instead of the screaming. *high five*

  3. stephicakes says:

    Beautiful picture! How precious.

    A bunch of snow!? I’m so sorry! I guess I’ll stop complaining that it’s “only” 50some degrees around here lately. Sadly, everyone who was enjoying the hot weather and is now saddened by the return of the normal weather can blame me. I bought a damn popsicle maker. I thought I was off the hook when I sold my Jeep (it used to get nasty out as soon as I took the top off).

    Lola used to wake me up by coming to my bed and getting RIGHT in my sleeping face and whispering “waffles!” And your post made me think of it and I laughed.

    Lastly, my family needs a Tev ye so bad. How helpful to have someone to point out the bad ideas. 🙂

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