On Breastfeeding Dinosaurs

I think that my son is a wonderful, terrific, smart, funny, and handsome little gentleman, but sometimes he causes me to stop and scratch my head. He can be rather peculiar at times, to say the least. When he and Saarah play games that have family roles, Saarah is generally the mother, while Tevye plays the role of baby. Other times, Saarah is a lady, and Tevye is a puppy. It’s quite amazing how the puppy and the baby have exactly the same voice.

Of course, the man/father in me(let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of woman/mother in me) wishes that, just once in a while, Tevye would pretend to be an adult male in their games. Perhaps he could be the Tatte occasionally. I don’t know why this should bug me, and while it doesn’t always, there are times I feel like telling him to “grow a pair”.

Our cat Maggie recently had kittens, who are all doing very well, and getting big. Their eyes are all open now, and they’re doing their best to become mobile, though they’re pretty wobbly, right now. Anyways, the kids have seen how Maggie interacts with her kittens, and how she feeds her babies. We explained that ladies, both people and animals, can grow babies in their tummies, but boys can’t. They accepted this fact, and moved on. I figured no further explanation on the subject was necessary, until late last week. I walked into the living room, and there’s Tevye sitting on the floor, pretending to nurse a dinosaur.

I sat down with Tevye and explained that just like only girls grow babies in their tummies, only girls make milk to feed their babies. I felt bad, because he was just playing, and I wasn’t so much trying to stop him from what he was doing, as I was trying to explain how these things work, but his poor little face fell upon hearing the truth about breastfeeding. I didn’t bother to go into the differences between mammals and reptiles. He’s pretended to be pregnant before, even with the knowledge of only females being able to actually have that capability in reality.

So with all of that, it came as a real shock a couple days ago when the kids were playing nicely, and Tevye was pretending to be the father, while Saarah was pretending to be the child in their game. Saarah announced that she would not be assuming the role of “father” in their game, to which Tevye responded “No, Saarah, only boys can pretend to be fathers”.

Really, Tevye? That’s where you draw the line? Commence head-scratching.

6 Responses to “On Breastfeeding Dinosaurs”
  1. sillyliss says:

    Ha, that is really funny. I enjoy watching children at play. I have mentioned to Cakesy recently that I worry that Emilia talks sometimes about wanting to cut her hair very short and wanting to be a boy like Daddy when she grows up.

    On the other hand, I have walked into the preschool classroom when three out of the four boys in her class were all playing in the “home living” section of the room. And they were all wearing dazzing. sequin dresses.

    I try to conjure this image when Emilia says some of her bizarre things to me. They are just being kids, they are just being kids. That’s one of my mantras.

    Also, nursing a dinosaur sounds kind of painful. Maybe he DOES have a pair, then. Because ouch.

  2. stephicakes says:

    My friend’s got pictures of her son breastfeeding his Bart Simpson doll, lol.

  3. I love his imagination! He took the role playing a step beyond nursing a baby, and into dinosaurs. So adorable!

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