Why I haven’t been Blogging

First off, let me apologize for not posting anything over the past week. It’s not that I was too busy, or had nothing to write about, but rather, I’ve been horribly sick with the flu. Actually, the kids were also quite sick, though they managed to recover significantly faster than I’ve been able to. Somehow, in all of our coughing, sneezing, wheezing, nose-blowing, and general germ-expelling ways, Mama managed to stay completely healthy.

Tevye was the first one to get sick, and spent his days sleeping on the couch. I couldn’t figure out why he had gotten sick and the rest of us hadn’t. He, as far as I could figure out, was always with me. Then I remembered that he has now gone to preschool twice! Well if this sort of thing is going to be happening every second time he goes to school, then perhaps I’ll be homeschooling him instead. This just didn’t seem worth it.

By mid-week, I had succumb to the wretched beast, and had made the living room chair the new centre of my universe. After I had become sick, and before Saarah had, she developed the unique ability to make me feel both better and like a complete wiener simultaneously. As I was curled up in the chair, feeling awful, Saarah came over and placed her entire teeny arm across my lower leg. After a moment, she moved her arm to a different part of my leg. On and on she went, until had “covered” all of my limbs. She told me that she was doing this to keep me warm. Once I had been sufficiently warmed by her arm, she brought me her Dora blanket, and lovingly covered me up.

On the one hand, her efforts helped me to feel a little better, but on the other hand, when I, a grown man have become sick enough that a Dora blanket makes me feel better, it can make me feel like a complete wiener.

13 Responses to “Why I haven’t been Blogging”
  1. sillyliss says:

    Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that! I was wondering what had become of Teyve’s illness, but I hadn’t thought that it had passed around to everybody. Unfortunately, that’s what preschool was like for us, too. At first it was like one long illness of various intensities. It’s calmed down now. (knock wood)

    I say, embrace the Dora blanket. Feel better. Don’t worry about being a wiener for a minute.

    • Thankfully this program is only for a couple of months, and then there’s a break for the summer before he starts school in the fall. Perhaps by the time he starts school, my immune system will be a little more robust.

  2. Beware the killer preschool germs. My daughter started preschool in the fall and we were sick pretty much continuosly until mid February. My doctor says its normal. But it was aweful.

  3. How sweet…she will be a nurturing soul. So sorry to hear about the sickness that swept through your home and decided to stay for an extended period. That is never fun! I was down during the winter for the same reason…I lost my voice for over three weeks and my BFF and minister of music was not happy. Of course he had the same thing going through his house too! I hope things are improving. I missed seeing you on the family topics list.
    Peach State

  4. donna says:

    Missed you! Hope you are feeling better and all is back to what passes as “normal”!

  5. Christine says:

    Sweet girl. I hope you are 100% soon, and am so glad Saarah and Tevye are better. Sick kids are so darned sad.

  6. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Hilarious! And yes, homeschooling, statistically, has been proven to be very beneficial with children showing significant higher marks. I did a paper on it once, it was very interesting. And great to hear you’re feeling better. The flu is horrrrible.. Get well soon!


  7. Maya Fitz says:

    sounds like everyone is getting sick these days. Both my husband and I just had strep. Luckily, our son didn’t get it. just a small cold….

  8. KL says:

    awww she’s such a sweetie. The Flu is awful. Be prepared though, as with Tevye attending school now, he’ll bring home a whole lot of new germs to share around. 🙂 Mama is probably a little more immune as she’s out and about with different people most days isn’t she?

  9. Reading this on just the right day. My husband and I are home sick with the flu while the children are at school. Waiting to see how they take care of us when they get home.

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