The Souza

Yesterday afternoon, Saarah and I were in goofy sorts of moods, and we were making up words. I used the word “souza” in something I was saying, and she thought this was a pretty funny word.

A few minutes later, she was busily looking at the corner for some reason, when out of nowhere, she said “The Souza has great powers” in an awe-inspired whisper, as though The Souza had just performed some miraculous feat.

She refused to elaborate further on the powers of The Souza, or even what The Souza is, so I asked if she might draw a picture for me. She agreed, and the result was the drawing at the top of this page. The Souza is the green character on the right. The long line coming out of his head is his arm, while the five short horizontal lines below this are his fingers. The series of orange dots below his hand are The Souza’s powers.

The being to the left of The Souza is an octopus, which, I’m told, is about to grab The Souza. Since I didn’t ask her to draw an octopus, and since I really don’t like octopuses, I’m going to have to give her an F on this assignment.

Better luck next time, Saarah.

3 Responses to “The Souza”
  1. Bob Callow says:

    Oh – The powers of the Souza! That is wonderful Saarah! Imagination is such a gift.

  2. Glad to see you don’t pad the grading just because she’s your child! Clearly an octopus had no business in the picture, so the F is obviously the only choice! LOL

  3. Kathy V. says:

    Nothing says academic rigor like objective criteria! Good on you!

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