Tevye’s First Day of Pre-School

Today was a very big day in our house, as it’s Tevye’s very first day of his Getting Ready for School Program. I’m not sure if that’s the actual name of the program, but that sums up what it is. Since he starts school in the fall, he’s taking part in a program that happens … Continue reading

So Happy Together

I had made the subtle suggestion that I would appreciate it if the kids would be so kind as to play nicely and quietly while I’m getting some work done this morning. The rules are, as always, no running in the house, no jumping on the couch, no leaping through the air and using the … Continue reading

Monsters and Crotch-Rockets

AAAAAHHH! Run for the hills! Alert the townsfolk that there’s a big scary monster coming this way. Quick, before it’s too late. I was sitting at my desk and working last week, while Stinky and Smelly were on the floor behind me colouring pictures. Every so often I would glance back and see what sorts … Continue reading

You Can’t Win Everyday

When deciding to do this post, it was suggested to me that we could go outside today and the kids could ride their bikes while I take pictures. While this might seem like a good idea, due to the fact that I’m not feeling well, and it’s not overly warm outside, I’m going to take … Continue reading