Shoveling Stinky Dirt

The weather over the past few days has been co-operating, at least some of the time, and so we’ve been able to play outside in the yard. Yesterday was 7 degrees in the afternoon, though on Monday morning everything had a light dusting of snow, I suppose just to remind me that I live in Canada in case I’d forgotten, which I hadn’t.

So yesterday afternoon, shortly after lunch, I suggested to the kids that if they cleaned up their toys quickly we could go outside and play. They were quite excited by this prospect, and only 90 minutes later we were putting on shoes and coats(it’s not that the house was overly messy, it’s just that they take forever to clean up).

When we finally arrived in the yard, they both just stood next to me, as if playing outside was a completely foreign concept to them. I told them to “go play”, and they both headed for the shed in order to retrieve toys. Of course, the door was latched, and Tevye stood there for five minutes, gently pulling on the door, unsure as to why it wouldn’t open, though unwilling to ask for help. Eventually I went over and reminded him that if he needs help with something, he should ask.

Once the door was open, I was expecting them to get out their soccer ball, foot ball, but not Saarah’s giant pink ball(it had recently been kicked over a fence in a nearby yard by one of the neighbourhood kids. The worst part was that it landed in the yard of Pat Roy(the jerk I wrote about a few weeks back who likes to go on about how terrible a fate it is to be burdened with children, while my kids are standing there), which meant that we’ll probably just buy a new ball. Hey, it was free anyways, and they’re not exactly expensive. Besides, the cost is worth it if it means that I don’t have to listen to Pat Roy). They, instead, grabbed buckets and shovels, as though we were headed to the beach.

They spent the next hour using their shovels as long grass trimmers, slicing long grass that couldn’t be cut with the lawn mower over the weekend, and putting it in their buckets. The cut grass, as well as any leaves that were found, were eventually dumped in a pile for purposes-unknown.

We eventually moved on to the front yard, where I was eying up the garden, and telling it to weed itself(it didn’t listen, much to everyone’s surprise). The kids busied themselves by shoveling soil into their buckets, and then dumping it elsewhere in the garden. They tell me that the soil is “stinky dirt”, but my nose is still a little stuffed, so I don’t know if they’re right or not. It’s never stunk before, so I would imagine that they’re wrong.

Saarah also informed me of all the spots that she would like to see her flowers planted(we planted some seeds indoors recently, in hopes that we’ll be able to put them outside next month, when it’s finally warm enough). Tevye is  pestering me to plant the vegetable seeds that he helped pick out, but we don’t have any more containers to put them in. I’m hopeful that we can pick something up on the weekend and get this show going.

4 Responses to “Shoveling Stinky Dirt”
  1. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Love this post as all the other ones! Her bucket and gardening gear is sooo cute!


  2. sillyliss says:

    What great landscape assistants you have! Pat Roy must be jealous that you have spawned people who cut the grass for you. Or he should be. Harumph.

  3. KL says:

    Lovely. Your kids do have such sweet fun 🙂 This message is for Tevye: Tell Tatte that you can plant your vegetable seeds in old egg cartons. One seed per egg space. Poke some very small holes in the bottoms, fill with soil and plant. Make sure you put it on a plate or something before you water them though 🙂 – That way, Tatte no longer has any excuse to make you wait to plant your seeds!

    • Nicole says:

      The flower seeds took up all the empty egg cartons! But don’t worry, the vegetables have now been planted as well.

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