This weekend marked the very first soccer practice for Tevye and Saarah. Leading up to the big day, Saarah was quite excited, but Tevye was nervous. He was worried that his coach might not be very nice, or that he might yell and be angry. For the first while I was unable to figure out why he might have these apprehensions, but on Friday afternoon I came to the conclusion that it might be due to the fact that he watches hockey, and coaches of NHL teams aren’t exactly known for their calm and cool demeanor. We assured him that his coach wouldn’t be doing any yelling, and would, in all likelihood, be a very nice man.

While he may not have had his worries completely put to rest, he seemed more at ease by the time the big day came.

We were surprised by the huge turnout for soccer first thing on a weekend morning, especially since we live in such a teeny, tiny town. The vast number of people didn’t help put Tevye’s mind at ease, but once he was told where to go, and given a jersey, he started to relax a bit. Of course, once he had determined that his coach was, despite his preconceived notions, in reality a very nice man, he managed to get right into it, and have a really great time.

The second half of his soccer practice involved a game between his team and the other team of the same age group. Tevye’s team won 2-0, and both goals were scored by the same boy. Watching his game was a bit like watching a swarm of bees, with this group of 20 children chasing after a ball in the hopes that it might drift into the net.

Saarah was in the Preschool age group, which was hilarious to watch, if only because the jerseys that were available were all gigantic on these tiny three-year-old children. I had the grand idea to tuck-in Saarah’s jersey, so that she wouldn’t be running around in an ill-fitting dress the entire time. I assume the sleeves were meant to be short, but they covered her entire arms.

The children were allowed to pick either a red or a purple jersey, and of course the boys all picked red, while most of the girls picked purple.

When it came time for the game between the red and purple jerseys, most of Saarah’s team decided that they’d had enough running, playing, and grass stains for one day, thank you very much. Saarah was the only person on her team who played the entire game, making it 1 on 6 for most of the event. Not only that, but she is, as previously mentioned, tiny, and as a result it was really more .75 on 6 for most of the game. She can either be a complete wimp, or tough as friggin’ nails, and thankfully she chose the latter during her game. She managed to fight through the six opposing players and score a goal! She immediately turned around, raised her arms to the the applauding spectators, and ran over for a hug from Mama.

While Saarah was playing, Tevye was practicing his goal keeping, which only served to enforce my belief that he should really be a goalie, whether he’s playing soccer or hockey. He’s very good at it, and has a knack for being able to follow the play in front of him, and getting in a good position to stop the ball.

He still can’t quite get the concept of not standing inside of the net, but I suppose we can work on that.

All-in-all, everyone had a terrific morning, and we’re all quite excited for next week, when we get to do it all again.

  1. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Love the jersey! I kept giggling till it hurt. LOVE! Great goalie and soccer players! 😀


  2. I miss our soccer league. It was the only truly “community” sport we had. The kids all played, more for the fun of it. Some of our best times as a family were left on those soccer fields. I really wish it would come back. But the ever competitive “your dad has to be a big shot in town if you wanna play” baseball league the “if your dad coaches you can be a starter” football league are still going strong. I guess all I gotta do is transform the dad around here into “Coach” and all will be well again! LOL

    • That really sucks. Getting kids involved in sports is so important, both from an emotional development standpoint, as well as the physical benefits, and it’s such a shame that should be taken away over petty issues brought on by adults.
      Perhaps you could organize something relatively informal with some of the other families. Even if it’s just a bunch of people and a couple of soccer balls hanging out on a Saturday morning, it could be loads of fun.

      • I think you are right! I am gonna look into what it would take to bring back the community soccer league. There are kids graduating this year and next year who tell me they love the memories of me coaching them, us all playing and having pizza parties, win-lose-or-draw, and now that I am more little ones to raise, I just think it would be fabulous. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • I’m glad I could help. I hope that it works out for you folks, and be sure to keep me updated with how things are progressing!

  3. Christine says:

    What fun! We call kids’ soccer “herdball,” for the herd of children circled about the soccer ball. I cannot wait until Alice goes to soccer for the first time. I adore the pictures of Tevye and Saarah. And I am very glad to hear Tevye wasn’t yelled at. That would be rotten.


    • Is she playing this year, or does she have to wait until next summer?

      Yeah, it would be rotten if he had been yelled at, but his coach was a very nice man, who, we thought, was perfectly suited to his job as coach of four and five year old children.

  4. I feel simply energized after reading about this soccer practice :). The analogy of the swarm of bees was perfect!

    I am refreshed. Shalom to you and yours.

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