Photography of a Three-Year-Old

Somehow little Miss Saarah Chayah will end up gaining access to the camera on occasion. She will then proceed to take copious numbers of pictures of everything that she sees. She pays no heed to whether the picture is of an interesting subject, or is even in focus, she just enjoys pressing the button.

The part of Saarah’s photography that I find most interesting is that I have absolutely no idea it has happened until I’m uploading recent photos to the computer. There will generally be a whole series that I’ve taken, followed by a bunch which were clearly taken from the vantage point of a much shorter person(and I don’t mean my wife).

This photo struck me as odd, because while the camera clearly isn’t being held straight(a talent that I find to be completely overrated), Saarah did manage to capture the entire scene that she was trying for. Not only that, but even though the people are all a fair distance away, her short stature still comes through. She even managed to get Tevye fairly close to the centre of the shot(he’s number 19).

I’m not sure if the settings on the camera were configured better at soccer practice or if Saarah’s photographic talents are improving, but each and every one of her pictures were perfectly in focus, which is a feat to be commended.

Alright, this post is done so stop checking out my wife’s legs!


5 Responses to “Photography of a Three-Year-Old”
  1. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOLOL!!!! Soooo funny! She’s soooo cute! More of her photos, pleeeeezzz 😀


  2. sillyliss says:

    It surely is a feat to have so many focused pictures. Emilia has been doing the same thing lately. Except for some reason she stealthily takes a lot of pictures of my rear. Gah. I was pretty proud, however, the other day when she sneakily (or not) took some pictures of the neighbors, because now I know what they look like. Ha.

    Go 19 go!

  3. donna says:

    she should have an exhibit of her photographs – from the perspective of a 3-yr old!

  4. shoes says:

    Too funny! When my oldest was about 3 I found one of those digital kid cameras at our local Goodwill. It was so much fun to see what he found interesting enough to take a picture of and, of course, the “artistic” aspect of the shots were great fun too.

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