How to Name a Frog

This past weekend we, along with a set of grandparents, spent a few days on Prince Edward Island. You might think that since the ferry is only a short drive from our house we would have been there sometime in the past three years that we’ve lived here, but no, we had not. As a result of our neglect of “The Gentle Island”, it was an adventure for all of us.

Now, I don’t think that I really need to point this out, but when traveling with small children, especially if for more than just one day, a parent is wise to bring books and toys for said children to entertain themselves. While this idea isn’t something that usually needs pointing out to either Mama or myself, once we arrived on PEI, and the kids were running around like animals, we realized that we had brought a big bag of nothing for them to play with. We scratched our heads, wondering how on earth neither of us came to this realization prior to our departure, though we were unable to come to any answers. After an hour of them terrorizing the province, we decided that we must purchase something for them to play with.

The following day we ventured to Charlottetown, and while we were there we picked up a couple of bean-filled frogs for the kids to play with(We also procured books, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the frogs. Geez, focus. You’re worse than the kids!) which turned out to be a big hit.

That afternoon we asked the kids if they had come up with names for their new frogs, and both of them assured us they had. Tevye went with Galaxar, like in “Monsters vs. Aliens”, which is far more creative than he normally is(he later shortened it to “Galax”). Saarah, being the creative little soul that she is, topped any previous exercise in naming. Now, when they’re playing, she’ll make up names for characters in their games. Prior good ones include “Joonis Johness”, as well as “Brohmis”, but this is far superior.

When asked what she had named her frog, without missing a beat, she told us “Kurt Banderchuck”.

Of course she came up with something like “Kurt Banderchuck” for her shiny pink frog.

11 Responses to “How to Name a Frog”
  1. sillyliss says:

    Sweet name! That is definitely the Chuck Norrischuck of stuffed frogs!

  2. wonderwubbit3511 says:

    Mine like to stick to catagories when naming things. I have one daughter who always names from books; one daughter who always names for something fancy and girly, and another daughter who always names things for her favorite foods. The daughter who names things food names started this pretty much when she was still mumbling her first hundred or so words; otherwise I might start cautioning her now not to name her first born child Cookie or some other such nonsense. This in mind, I AM truly impressed that Saarah would come up with such an unusual name.

  3. Next time you have to check out the potato museum in O’Leary (up west)! Just so, you know, you can pose for a picture with a giant potato. 😉

    • Well I believe we’re planning a trip again in the summer, so we’ll definitely check that out. I had no idea such a thing existed.

      • Everyone who goes to the island needs a picture.
        If you’re at all curious about old, historic woollen mills, the MacAusland Mill in Bloomfield is open to the public. You can walk around, ask the employees a little bit about what they’re doing, etc. It’s been there for a LONG time (100 years? The once filmed Emily of New Moon there.) They also have a shop upstairs.

        Sorry, I just love my visits to PEI a lot 🙂

  4. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOLOL!!! She’s soooo talented! 😀 HAHA…


  5. KL says:

    LOVE IT! She is so cool!

  6. I have a frog just like that, but its name is not nearly as awesome.

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