Fun and Excitement on a PEI Beach

It’s always amazing how the things a person can discover at the beach will vary by such large degrees, even if the beaches are relatively close to one another. For example, I’ve never stumbled across an old wooden lobster trap here in Nova Scotia, even though the lobster industry is just as prominent, and yet, the very first beach we visit on PEI, there’s one lodged in the sand. It sat there, as though posing for a postcard photograph.

Then there was this guy, with his giant mouth and white polka dots. I decided to name him “Captain Jaws”, but sadly, I wasn’t allowed to bring him home with us. Oh sure, Mama and the kids want cats and we have a whole house full of the darn things, but a handsome fish? He doesn’t even need to be fed, nor will there be any poop to clean up! Sometimes life isn’t fair.

Since he wasn’t allowed to come home, he and I went for a walk. Oh believe me, it can be done.

It turns out that Captain Jaws also enjoys long walks on the beach, seafood, and Jazz. We have so much in common!

The kids also developed a new game whereby they ran into the water, screamed “Frozen Toes”, and then ran back out of the water. The game was called “Frozen Toes”. You might think it wouldn’t last very long, and yet they seemed to play this quite happily for hours on end.

Built into the cliff was a perfectly-sized seat for the kids to both sit on. I thought it was neat. They couldn’t care less, and were more excited that their hands were covered in sand.

Finally, there was this giant lobster claw. I was told that I WAS allowed to keep it, but then I spent the next half our chasing Mama and the kids around snapping their bums, and was told that I had to leave it at the beach.

I never get to do anything.

8 Responses to “Fun and Excitement on a PEI Beach”
  1. Christine says:

    Wow, that is one serious fish!

  2. Kathy V. says:

    Awesome. Poor Captain Jaws. I bet he misses you as much as you miss him.

  3. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOLOL!!!! Soooo funny! Sooo awesome! Man, too bad you couldn’t keep the lobster claw. HAHA.


  4. Oh how I miss going to the beach!

  5. Kent Vodden says:

    i don’t know you that well but it doesn’t stop me from thinking you’re crazy and you’re hand might be smelly too.

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