Photography of a Three-Year-Old – Part Two

If you’re just joining us here at “Musings”, or if you just want to go back and check out the first part in this series, you can view it here.

Once again I was mostly unaware that Saarah had gained access to the camera while we were at Soccer Practice over the weekend, and once again did I realise the number of photographs she had taken only once I uploaded everything to the computer.

I had wondered in Part One if Saarah’s picture-taking talents were improving, or if she was merely getting lucky, given that she seemed to be taking pictures of specific scenes and objects. After looking through her latest project, it would appear as though she is doing things deliberately. This week she seemed focused on coffee cups for some reason(there are certainly worse things in the world that she could devote her attention to).

Perhaps I should have technically said “insulated drink containers” instead of “coffee cups”, as Mama’s is specifically designed for tea, and the one I’m utilizing, while predominantly utilized for coffee can actually house any number of beverages. I suppose you probably wouldn’t want to use it for a milkshake. For one, the opening is designed for something much more fluid that a milkshake, and two, as soon as I’ve got myself a milkshake, all the boys start showing up to my yard(if you don’t get the reference, that’s alright. It’s not really worth explaining).

Of course, what would a Saarah Series be without emphasizing just how short she is? As you can see, she’s still only about knee-high on a normal-sized person, or almost waist-height on Mama.

Eventually she got tired of taking pictures, and needed to come sit down. Of course, the grass was still a little damp, so she had to sit on something! I wonder what she found to utilize as a seat…

She looks pretty darn proud of herself! I suppose I might too, if I had managed to convince someone to be my seat! As a side note, that’s her soccer jersey, not an ill-fitting dress.

4 Responses to “Photography of a Three-Year-Old – Part Two”
  1. Melissa says:

    That last picture is just precious. I love the cup theme!

  2. kelloggs77 says:

    I loved this post. And I have had many pictures like this taking up space on my camera…thank God for the digital age where we can give our kids some freedom to play around with this form of media! And by the way, my milkshake is better than yours…damn right, it’s better than yours. Thanks for the giggle!

  3. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOVE her part deuce of photography! Her smile is delightful as always, as well as her pigtails! Love the dress! Er, Jersey!


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