There’s No Man Singing

This morning I sat in front of the computer, determined to blog, I discovered that I was at a complete loss of what to write about. The more I scratch my head, trying desperately to come up with an idea, the more ideas seem to elude me. It’s similar to when you’re trying to sleep, the more effort you put into going to sleep, the more awake you seem to become. I decided that perhaps I should just put on some music and perhaps something would pop into my head.

I put on some Leonard Cohen, which is always fantastic, though completely ineffective when it comes to recalling peculiar stories about my children. Deciding that a change of pace was needed, I moved on to Stompin’ Tom. As soon as his voice and the sound of his boot came through the speakers, it hit me!

Leading up to our recent trip to PEI, Tevye was very excited, because not only did it mean that we were doing something fun and exciting, as well as taking a trip which involved both a ferry AND and big, big bridge(13km long!), Stompin’ Tom sings about PEI! Since Tevye is such a big fan, this was very exciting. This is a boy who knows of Green Gables not because of Anne(spelled with an “e”) or due to the long running series “Road to Avonlea”, but because of the song “Bud the Spud”.

Eventually the big day came, and we hopped the ferry to “The Gentle Island”. We drove through Charlottetown, and all the way to Cavendish, PEI, going past at least 10,000 potato fields.

At the end of the day, as the kids were getting tucked-in to bed, we inquired if Tevye was enjoying being on PEI.

“This isn’t PEI”

“Well sure it is, Tevye. We took the ferry this morning, remember?”

“Yeah, but this isn’t PEI.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because there’s no man singing!”

For a moment I was confused, and then I realised that Tevye had fully expected that Mr. Stompin’ Tom Connors would be present at our destination. I explained that he’s just a musician that sings about PEI in some of his songs. He understood, but was clearly disappointed.

By the next morning he was over his disappointment, and quite enjoyed venturing to Charlottetown for ice cream and sightseeing.

8 Responses to “There’s No Man Singing”
  1. donna says:

    I do hope you at least had a Stompin’ Tom CD in the car on your travels! We took my 2 kids to PEI for the 1st time over 15 years ago when they were still building the bridge. We visited Stompin’ Tom’s old schoolhouse, converted into a museum, and bought books on the Hockey Song and Bud the Spud. Ahh, special memories!

    • We had fully intended to take some of his music with us, but alas we forgot until we were sitting on the ferry. Actually, I do believe that my lovely wife reminded me ad nauseum, though I kept saying “yeah, yeah, yeah, I wont forget”.

  2. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Hilarious! Sooo cute! Bud the Spud, Mr. Stompin’ Tom. Incredibly lovely adventures!


  3. sillyliss says:

    I love the titles of your posts. They always make me want to read the post, but usually not til the end does the title click!

  4. Christine says:

    Oh, poor guy! I’m glad he got over it, but I can imagine his disappointment.

  5. lissa16b says:

    Love it! I was thinking that PEI really needs to start Marketing Stomping’ Tom a little more. I think when you tourists cross the bridge there should be a giant Stompin’ Tom with a waving arm and a big Bud The Spud beside him. That way the tourists’ll all be like ‘yep, we made it. Definatley on PEI now’

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