In Which Saarah sees a Horse on the Beach

This past summer, we spent a fair amount of time on the beach. Oh sure, most people spend time on beaches in the summer, but we spent a LOT of time on the beach. Not only that, but we spent copious amounts of time on beaches on both the east coast AND the west coast. Yes sir, we were living it up!

While on these beaches, we saw all sorts of things that you might expect to find: starfish , clams, oysters, snappy crabs, etc. It turns out that the act of tossing hermit crabs at my lovely wife’s feet is frowned upon. Not by me, but by others in our presence…namely her. The first time you do it, you get a “Ahhh, please don’t do that.”. The second time, you get the same response with a frown. By the thirteenth time, you’d better cover your children’s ears, as my once lovely wife becomes, shall we say, less-than-lovely. I don’t see what the big deal was, it’s not like I was putting them in her hair(even I’m not THAT stupid).

I saw a giant porcupine 4 meters up a tree, and got pelted with giant hail. And as always, we saw plenty of people that were too large for their chosen swimsuits.

One of the best things we got to see was a man riding a horse on the beach. Saarah noticed it, and insisted that she and Mama run down the beach as fast as they could, in order to see the shirtless man on the horse(I doubt the fact that he was shirtless had anything to do with it. Really, though, who does this guy think he is? Vladamir Putin?! Yeah, he WISHES. Maybe if he spent a little less time sitting on the back of a horse, and a little more time wrestling bears, he could aspire to be so fit.)

DSC_0216 (3)So off the two of them ran, and ran, and ran. All the way down the beach, and much further than either of them had run in a long time. How they even managed to spot the horse from so far away is a mystery to me. It must be a little girl thing. They ran until they had reached the man riding his horse into the water, making the rest of the men on the beach feel like chumps. Really, it wasn’t fair.

After watching the man on the horse for a few minutes, he asked if Saarah might like to ride the horse. Now Saarah is normally about as brave as Piglet, which is to say that she’s a very frightened and timid creature. She had ridden a pony before, and the entire time displayed a look as though to imply that she really wasn’t certain about the whole experience. This, however, was a horse. A BIG horse.

She said “yes”. She then sat on the horse, having a blast, looking about as serious as could be. I don’t know that I’ve met another child who can be having fun in such a serious manner.

She made sure to tell everyone that we came in contact with for the next three weeks that she had ridden a horse on the beach. People weren’t certain if they should believe her, but we had the pictures to prove it.



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