The Big Beautiful Steam Donkey

While we were visiting Powell River, BC, we thought it would be fun to visit some places we used to frequent when we lived there. Now, on the surface, this sounds like a good idea, right? Well it turns out that the people who had since moved into the house we lived in didn’t necessarily agree. Apparently it’s frowned upon to waltz into a strangers’ home, EVEN if you used to live there. Who knew? Whatever, it’s not the same without the drug-addled lady blaring Spice Girls at all hours, living right below you. There’s no character now.

So, it being decided(with only minimal police intervention) that we should be moving along, we ventured down to the park. This particular park is right on the water. It’s got everything! A playground, a campground, a sometimes-functioning water park, a walking trail, and EVEN inappropriate make-out sessions right in the middle of the field. This place is AWESOME! I thought that, being in the middle of a field, anyone was allowed to join in, but it turns out they wished to be left alone. Man, the people on the west coast aren’t nearly as hospitable as those on the east coast.

Now that my day was completely ruined, we thought we’d go for a walk along the trail, and try to salvage something! There was a sign at the beginning of the trail, informing folks of all the wonderful things that they might see along the way. It was mostly made up of old logging equipment and squirrels. The children were most excited by the prospect of discovering the “Steam Donkey”. They wouldn’t shut up about it. The entire way. Thankfully I’d had the foresight to buy more mouth-stuffers ginger molasses cookies, which bought me three minutes of slightly more muffled chattering from the children.

We did eventually find the Steam Donkey, and I don’t know if it’s what the kids had initially envisioned when we told them about it, but they were excited. Then again, they were excited each time we passed skunk cabbage(I may or may not have been responsible for getting them to say “skunk cabbage” in an annoying fashion each and every time we passed one)

Having had their fill of cookie and steam donkey, there was only one thing left to do:

The Walk of Idiots

DSC_0419 (2)

DSC_0420 (2)

DSC_0422 (2)

Thanks guys, that’s wonderful.


2 Responses to “The Big Beautiful Steam Donkey”
  1. sillyliss says:

    Oh man, you are the best dad. I read this post, and I would like my ginger molasses cookie now, please! Skunk cabbage!

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