Oh Hellllllooooo!

My lovely son has some absolutely ridiculous habits. Things that are completely unnecessary to continue existing, or even have any impact on daily life, but he’s insistent.

My absolute favourite of his ridiculous habits is when we’re in the car. As soon as we arrive at our destination, at EVERY destination(really, it doesn’t matter if we have 1 place to go to, or 15,362, it’s going to happen at each and every one) our darling son will unbuckle his seat belt as quickly as the Habs can lose a hockey game. He will then stick his grinning face between the two front seats, and declare “Oh hellloooooo!”. The way he says it would imply that he’s being sneaky or mischievous about something(which is never the case in these situations).

For a while it was left at that, but of course, it expanded. Now he’ll most likely call us “doodle-doos”. He has also grown accustomed to asking “How’s your day?”. So, for those of you playing along at home, the full phrase is “Oh hellllloooo, doodle-doos. How’s your day?” All of this will continue in the peculiar tone of voice.*

Tevye, for Pete’s sake, you know darn well how my day is. Not much has changed in the three minutes we’ve been in the car between Saarah’s ballet class and the grocery store. Geez, he’s such a strange child sometimes.

Strange in the nicest way possible though.

*To get the full effect, you’d really need a video, but I don’t have time for that nonsense right now. Maybe later, or on Monday, but only if you’re good. Then again, I may just say “sucks to be you!” and not post a video at all. The possibilities are endless. Well, actually there’s two: either I’ll post a video or I wont.

5 Responses to “Oh Hellllllooooo!”
  1. Daniella says:

    Just look at his adorable face! So cute

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