It all started a while back, and all quite innocently

How many times have I started blog posts like that? Perhaps I should heed my wife’s advice and start being a little more cautious of the things I encourage my children to do. They, like all kids, get stuck on one thing and run with it. Where most adults would be able to identify when something has run its course, and will “let it go”, young children have yet to learn that delicate skill(I say most adults, because there are some that I know personally that will make a joke at someone’s expense, and just stick with it for days on end. They’ll bring it up at every opportunity they can find, and if they can’t find an opportunity, they’ll make one instead. It’s more annoying and classless than hurtful)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI know I’ve mentioned Tevye’s affinity with walruses a while back, and I have to say, it’s all my fault. For a period of time, when he was about three, Tevye and I would play a game. I was trying to get him to recognize letters, words, and his name, and it just sort of happened one day(quite innocently, I assure you). I’d write the words “TEVYE IS A” and underneath I’d draw a picture of a walrus. He’d try and figure out what I was writing and, figuring that he wasn’t actually a walrus, erase my hard work. He’d laugh, and I’d laugh, and then we’d both make some walrus sounds. Good times. After a while, I started leaving “Tevye is a walrus” written on dry erase boards around the house, and he’d find them, tell me he’s a boy, and not a walrus, and erase them. More laughing, more walrus noises, more good times. For a while I worried that he was starting to believe he might actually be part walrus, so I had to put a stop to that.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Now that I’m re-reading that whole story, and thinking that there are people actually reading this junk, you folks are going to think that I’m a terrible person. Oh well. Deal with it, that’s how I roll!

Okay, 358 words in, and I have yet to get to the point(to my wife “yes dear, I hear your voice saying “so what’s new”?”).

I once told Tevye to pull his jim-jam pants up as high as they could go(pajama pants. We caught a few minutes of Coronation Street one night and they used the phrase “Jim Jams”. We’ve used it ever since). Knowing that this is the sort of thing that my lovely wife would be less than enthused about, thinking he looked ridiculous, made it all the better. So, every few nights, I’d tell him to hike those babies up, and he’d happily comply. We’d both chuckle, and mama would tell him to wear his pants nicely. He was just using them to keep his belly warm and his ankles cool, what’s the problem?

Well that was three years ago.

He’s still doing it.

I’ve lost all control. He still thinks it’s funny, even though we all stopped laughing years ago. He actually seems to prefer wearing his jammy pants this way(yeah, we also use “jammies”. Hey, while we’re on the subject of sleepwear, how come you can call a bathrobe a “house coat”, as we did when I was young, but if you call slippers “house shoes” people think your cheese has slid off your cracker? I say we ALL start using the term “house shoes”! VIVE LA REVOLUTION! “Can you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not call them “slippers” again.” Throw off the shackles of correct terminology, and join the fight! Brothers, Sisters, to arms!”).


I guess if the worst thing that my son gets up to is believing he’s a half-walrus boy who likes to wear his jammy pants as high as possible, then that’s not so bad.

Or is it?

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