He’s YOUR Son

Normally a phrase used by mothers to imply that their son is doing something completely absurd or stupid that he could have ONLY picked up from his father. If not for teaching their sons how to act like morons, what is the ultimate point of fathers, anyway? It doesn’t even matter if the act of the child is even remotely related to something the father would do, it OBVIOUSLY didn’t come from the mother’s side, and therefore, must be of the father.

All the ridiculous traits that Tevye has picked up, or inherited from his old man, are what makes him so darn awesome(at least in my opinion, and since I’m the one writing this post, my opinion is the only one that matters. I suppose you could leave a note of your disagreement or disapproval, or some other negative remark in the comment section, but then people would just think you’re an internet troll).

One such trait is his affinity for advertising. When I was young(and older, and older still…) I’d often be caught humming commercial ditties. Some people claimed it drove them nuts, telling me to “pipe down”, but I think they were just jealous of my jingle-reciting skills. If a particular commercial comes on, and he’s in a different room, he’ll come running(then I’ll have to remind him not to run in the house, for the millionth time that day). His current favourite is the Mio Sport commercial, where the guy is incorporating Mio into a variety of activities. I was partial to the Playoff Beard Squirt, being Canadian and enjoying a good playoff beard, but Tevye went a different route. He decided he’d get most excited by the Hot Yoga Squirt.

It’s funny, it’s a commercial, it makes me want to buy their squirt-able product over the vast array of squirt-able products available on the market today(though to be honest, I personally don’t buy any of them), most people would leave it at that. But not Tevye, never Tevye. He completely misses the point of the commercial, and actually refers to Mio Sport as “Hot Yoga Squirt”. We’ll be doing our weekly grocery shopping, and Tevye, upon seeing the display of various Mio products, will request that we please buy some “Hot Yoga Squirt”.

No, Tevye, not if you refer to it as such.


2 Responses to “He’s YOUR Son”
  1. sillyliss says:

    LOL, your writing style is the best. If you wrote a novel, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Can I have some Hot Yoga Squirt now?

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