The Stinky Ringhocker

As mentioned in previous posts, my darling daughter has a delightful way of coming up with names for things. Whether it’s a pink frog named “Kurt Banderchuck” or just calling people a Beem-Bom, she’s got quite the knack.

Oh, you don’t remember? Well that’s understandable, it WAS a while ago now. Perhaps THIS will jog your memory! Go ahead, click it. We’ll all just sit here and wait for you to get caught up. No really, it’s fine. I don’t have anything better to do.

For those of you still here and waiting for the rest to catch up, here’s a funny picture to entertain you while you wait:


I wonder if she’s reading this post?

Oh good, everyone’s back now. Let’s continue, shall we?

So, last summer we went to a zoo and it was pretty good. Well, it was a bunch of animals in jail, and we paid to look at them and mimic their noises like idiots(How come we can’t do this with people jails? Think of the tax dollars that could be raised by charging admission to jails. Here in Canada, the tax dollars could go to fund all the new jails that King Harper wants to build. Just a suggestion).

Fairly early on in our stroll through animal jail, we came across the large, unattractive bird pictured at the top of this post. It’s officially known as the Maribou Stork, and according to the plaque in front of his enclosure, is considered the ugliest of the stork family. This seems rather cruel. Yeah, we can all see he’s ugly, but do we really need to hang a sign drawing attention to this fact? Poor guy. I felt bad for him.

At some point, while admiring the stoic nature of this beautiful creature, displaying his looks with all the pride he could muster, we started discussing this handsome fellow. I, being the knowledgeable fellow that I am, looked to the (mean) plaque for information. We learned that it grows to be 8 to 10 kilograms, has a wingspan of 3 meters, and reaches sexual maturity at 3 years(woah, now THERE’S an image for you!). I also informed my darling children that he was known as a Maribou Stork.

At this point, my ridiculous daughter chimed in with her opinion on the magnificent aviary species in front of us:

“I’m going to call him a Stinky Ringhocker.”

We chuckled with an appropriate amount of gusto.

The name “Stinky Ringhocker” was such a success, that we’ve often brought him up in conversation since that day over a year ago. The name was so delightful that I had long since forgotten what it was actually called, and had to look it up to write this post.

Here’s another image(originally found HERE) so you can better appreciate how devilishly handsome he truly is:


Maybe next time someone’s birthday comes up, instead of pink flamingos, I’ll place these beauties all over their lawn.


3 Responses to “The Stinky Ringhocker”
  1. Love it! I think I love your idea of paying to laugh at people in jail even more! Think of how many times you could take your kids, pay $10, and say “see, you really don’t wanna end up on that side of the bars!” Great post!!

  2. lynnnaung says:

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