The Most Interesting Boy in the World

I’m not entirely certain how he plans to accomplish everything, but T-Max has BIG plans for when he’s all grown up. He may only be six years old, but he’s put together a lifetime to-do list that would rival that of most adults.

Ask Tevye what he wants to do when he grows up, and you’ll be informed first and foremost that he wishes to be a pilot. He relishes the idea of flying passengers all over the world(his sister just relishes relish, but that’s a post for a different day), even if it means flying overnight. He’s already figured out that in order to be a pilot he’ll first need to attend flight school, and is almost counting down the days until he’s old enough to attend. How he plans to finance this goal of his is yet to be determined, though he’s awfully good at saving his money. He received an awful lot of birthday money, and it’s currently all sitting, very responsibly, in the bank(his birthday is in July). Being the cheap old bugger that I am, I’ve tried to teach him the importance of saving money until there’s something that he REALLY wants, and he’s taken it to heart. He has yet to even ASK to give tuppence to the lady outside the bank so he can feed the pigeons. So who knows, he may just have saved up enough by the time he gets to that point in his life. If not, I’m sure we could look at getting a loan.

He’s told me on numerous occasions that when he’s a pilot, he’s going to miss me when he has to fly overnight.

When he’s not careening through the air in a tin can at the speed of sound, he intends to be a professional athlete, but not of just one sport. He fully intends to play for the Leafs(although he sometimes switches, and says that he’s going to play for Philadelphia. Where his affinity for Philadelphia comes from is beyond me. I think it’s just because he likes to say the word “Philadelphia”). He’s not going to stop there, though. When he’s not on the ice, he’s going to be a professional baseball player(though this desire has, of late, petered out. Thankfully. I love you, T-man, but I REALLY don’t want to have to watch an entire baseball game, much less 1,762,451.5 per season, or however many they play).

I suppose he could be a professional athlete, and then turn his attention to flying once he’s retired from that. On the upside, he could be the dedicated pilot for a professional sports team. Now that I’m thinking about it, that would be a pretty sweet gig! I bet you’d get tickets to all the games.

While I’m not certain that he’s looking at it as a possible profession, he, like every other boy on the planet, wants to dig up dinosaurs. He specifically wants to do his paleontological work within the borders of Alberta(The province that wishes it was Texas). Hey, I’m 30, and I STILL want to dig up a dinosaur. Maybe we can get together in Alberta for a dig after we’ve missed each other when he’s flying overnight.

Last, but not least, he wants to be an astronaut. He wants to go to the moon, and mars, and planets far away. I’m not too keen on the idea, but as a parent, I don’t get much of a say in what he does when he grows up(just ask my mother. She will quite willingly tell you).

I don’t know if he’ll manage to accomplish all of these goals, but he’s certainly smart enough to do any of it.

Whatever he sets his mind to, I’m certain that he’ll accomplish great things.

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