Unusual Musical Tastes

Ask my lovely mother her opinion on Raffi, and she will most likely launch into a tirade about how if she hears “Five Green and Speckled Frogs” one more time in her life, she’ll kick your butt so hard that her foot will be permanently lodged in your stomach, and she’ll then be forced to walk around with your head dragging on the ground behind her. And you’ll probably be whining about how much it hurts the whole time, not taking into consideration the fact that she’ll have to listen to your whining, you inconsiderate sod.

Alright, she would never say anything even remotely close to that. Well she might, but I’ve never heard anything like that from her. My mother is an absolute delight, and you’re a terrible person for thinking that she would so much as consider such things.

When I was young, we would take our summer vacation at the same spot every year. We’d anxiously count down the days until it was time to leave for two weeks of fun on the beach. To get to our destination, we’d drive for four hours, my brother and I trying to pull out Dad’s neck hairs, and then quickly trying to get away from the inevitable swat. Air conditioning hadn’t been invented yet, and it was always 55C(perhaps a slight exaggeration). The fact that we traveled in the Squalor-mobile, along the old highway with a speed limit of 25km/h, made for a very long trip. To pass the time, it was agreed that music was in order.

I’m told that my brother and I had a love of the musical stylings of Raffi that can really only be compared to how 12 year old girls feel towards Justin Beiber. I’m given to understand that the only way to keep us even remotely quiet was to have Raffi playing the entire way. Four hours of Raffi on repeat sounds pretty ridiculous, but she swears up and down that this was the case.

Why am I telling you this story? Is it because, like when I was a child it takes something very specific to get me to shut up? No. It’s to illustrate how different my children are from myself at the same age. Oh sure, they like Raffi, but ask them what song they want put on in the car, and he’s nowhere near the top of the list.

Tevye’s Ultimate Playlist

1. I am the Walrus – The Beatles(if you’re a regular reader, this is an obvious choice)

2. Extraordinary – Joel Plaskett

3. Hopeless Wanderer – Mumford and Sons

4. Prophets in the Sky – The Cat Empire

5. Saturday Night – The Bay City Rollers

6. Pretty much anything by Stompin’ Tom

Saarah’s Ultimate Playlist

1. Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men (She calls it “The Hey Song”)

2. Somebody to Love – Queen

3. Sold – Dan Mangan

4. Rango – Los Lobos

5. She Loves it All – Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen

6. ARIEL SONG! I WANT AN ARIEL SONG! AAAAAHHHHHHH ARIEL(as in any song from The Little Mermaid)

It should be noted that Saarah also loves Beauty and the Beast, and so I obtained the soundtrack for her, but she never really took to it. I even emphatically sang along to “Gaston” thinking that he and I bear a striking resemblance, what with “every last inch of me [being] covered in hair” and the fact that “I use antlers in all of my decorating”. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed from the rare time I’ve put a picture of myself on this blog, but I, too, am “roughly the size of a barge”. My expectorating needs work, though. My wife tells me I’m nothing like him, which is probably for the best. He wouldn’t make much of a cyclist(his power to weight ratio would stink)

Each and any of these songs is a hit while we’re out and about, running errands on the weekend, unless they’re being Grump Pirates. If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter what you put on. It’s usually best to just face forward, and wait for the “Hurricane O’Grumpiness” to pass.

Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact, and don’t move. They can’t see you if you don’t move.

3 Responses to “Unusual Musical Tastes”
  1. Donna says:

    Ha ha ha, I get the whole Raffi thing….as an early childhood educator, and a one-time early childhood singer/entertainer, I knew every single Raffi, Fred Penner and Sharon Lois & Bram song there ever was (still do for that matter). Unfortunately today’s kids just don’t know what they’re missing, although yours seem to have an interesting and eclectic repertoire of favourites!

  2. tmsmith19 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. My daughter is 13 months and she too has an odd taste in music for a toddler. She loves the Maccabeats, Queen, Elvis, and Simon and Garfunkel. If you put anything else one, she will fuss. You have to love kids that have good taste in music!

  3. sillyliss says:

    They can’t see you if you don’t move? I am trying this immediately!

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