And You Thought I was Nuts

Yesterday, from the moment I woke up, until the time that I went to bed(or rather, fell asleep on the couch while watching the Habs game), my hip was sore. Of course, that meant that I was walking around all day telling everyone “My hip’s acting up. Must be a storm a’brewin'”. As usual, people thought I was just turning into a ridiculous old man.

The picture above, taken just moments ago from the window next to my computer, proves the validity of my crazy claims. Now I just need to dig out my Suspenders-o-Smugness.

While the fact that the windchill is currently -10, and, to use a Nova Scotian colloquialism, “the roads are some slippy” means that there are a fair number of people bemoaning the smack-in-yer-face onset of winter, I couldn’t be happier.

I have the day off, so the only time I have to venture outdoors is to take the kids to, and pick them up from the bus stop. Also, there isn’t enough snow that shoveling is warranted, so that makes everyone’s life a little easier. The roads will need to be salted, which means that the giant tractors will be coming around, and as a man, I find this VERY exciting. It means that the grass won’t need to be cut for ages now(I hate cutting the grass).

The final reason that I’m excited for snow today is that Saarah’s birthday is coming up this week. The year that she turned two, it snowed on her birthday. There wasn’t even as much as today, but it was there nonetheless. Each year since, she’s been convinced that her birthday is somehow a harbinger of snow. I’ve tried to gently downplay the probability of this happening for weeks, not wanting her to be disappointed if there wasn’t snow for her big day.

She was adamant, and as usual, could not be reasoned with.

Yesterday, the forecast for today said that it would be cold, and there was a 40% chance of a trace of snow. I didn’t even tell her about it, again, not wanting her to be sad when it didn’t arrive.

This morning, upon discovering the amount of snow outside our front door(not a great deal, but it’s certainly there), her excitement and joy was positively contagious.

I have no idea if the snow will still be gracing our neighbourhood by the time little miss’ birthday comes around, but for today, it seems as though all her dreams have come true.

And if all her dreams have come true, then so have mine.


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