The Griswold Family Christmas Tree

Given that all of the handsome husbands in this house happen to be Jewish(alright, so there’s only one, but his dashing good looks are so intense that it’s been said that there’s enough handsome for three men), we celebrate Chanukah(see “Sucks to Christmas, We’ve Got Doughnuts“). But wait, order one winter holiday now, and we’ll … Continue reading

It’s Not Fun, It’s Ballet

We enrolled the little Miss in Ballet last fall, and she’s been keen to go at every opportunity since. She participated in her first ballet recital last spring, and I couldn’t have been more proud. We weren’t allowed behind the doors that lead her to the dressing rooms, so we had to leave her in … Continue reading

The Things You Do…

Judaism teaches lessons in, sometimes, odd ways. For example, when lighting the chanukiah, you always light the newest candle first. Why? Because every candle gets a chance to be lit first, so that none of their feelings are hurt. There’s also a very specific hierarchy of blessings over food. The top of that list is … Continue reading

Sucks to Christmas, We’ve got Doughnuts!

Yes, as some of you are aware, we are currently in the middle of Chanukah, and we’re loving every minute of it. We’ve got so many things to be excited about during this wonderful holiday, and I’m really enjoying how much the kids are getting into it this year. Oh sure, there’s presents, and latkes, … Continue reading