A Canadian Heritage Moment

The title, for you folks who’s ancestors decided it a good idea to live somewhere that isn’t (almost) completely covered in ice 6 months of the year, comes from a series of commercials from when I was much younger. They would, in 60 second segments, tell the much abridged version of important events in Canadian history(eg. the designing of our flag, the bear that served as the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh, the origin of the word “Canada”, and Jacques Plante being the first goalie to wear a mask, among many others. The series ended many years ago, but thanks to our Prime Minister’s love affair with the War of 1812, we were treated to two new episodes recently. Thanks, Steve!).

Having outgrown his previous hockey stick, I decided that Tevye really needed a new one for Christmas. He previously had a plastic road hockey stick, so one made of wood made for a pretty sweet present. Saarah gave him some new red skate laces and some red hockey tape(red is his favourite colour), so he was all set for all sorts of hockey adventures.

I had assumed that he and I would be preparing his new stick on Boxing Day, but he was so consumed with his new Lego sets that he completely forgot about it(or anything else, for that matter) until Sunday.

Earlier in the day we went skating, as we do every Sunday(the new skate laces worked beautifully, and looked darn slick), followed by a trip to the big sledding hill. On one run down the hill, at no less than 1 million kilometers per hour, Tevye couldn’t avoid a girl carrying a hard plastic sled, and got hit in the face with it.

It didn’t look like an overly comfortable moment in his young life.

The bruising on his nose, along with the cuts, made it look as though he’d gotten into a spirited round of fisticuffs with one of the nogoodniks from the wrong side of the tracks, defending the honour of his dame. You should see the other guy!

That evening, having completed all of his Lego creations, he was ready to sit down to cut and tape his stick. Calling on all of the knowledge I’d gleaned in my younger years, we ventured down to the depths of the basement, and set to work.

Since I was wearing a plaid shirt over a Standfield’s long underwear shirt, he was all bruised up, we were taping a hockey stick, and there was a whole lot of snow outside, we were looking about as Canadian as possible.

“How do you know how long to cut the stick, Tatte?”

“Well, Grandpa(my father) taught me when I was a boy, and now I’m teaching you.”

Having got the stick cut to the right length, we found his new red tape, and started in on that job.

“How do you know how to tape the stick, Tatte?”

“Grandpa taught me that, as well. He showed me how to line up the tape with the previous rows on the blade, and how to make the handle.”

After I showed him for a bit, Tevye took over the job of taping his blade.

While my father is no longer with us, I’m certain that he would have been very impressed by the job that his grandson did.

Perhaps he took a brief break from his eternal bike ride, just to watch.

3 Responses to “A Canadian Heritage Moment”
  1. alienorajt says:

    Lovely: funny and touching. Great photo too! Alienora

  2. What a nice moment – the ceremonial passing of knowledge down the generations.

  3. Tangles & Tiaras says:

    Love it! Made me smile 🙂 My boys are just learning too- love watching my husband teach them something that has been in the family for generations….I remember those commercials too! In fact I did a project in elementary school on Plante….

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