See ya Later, Alligator

Certain sayings, rhymes, and general dumb stuff seem to transcend generations. Things that we used to say when we were young and we thought were pretty nifty. We were always amazed when our parents had heard these things long before we came along, and somehow that took all the fun out of them. The next day at school, you could pretend that your mother hadn’t said that she used to say the same thing when she was your age, but the knowledge would always be there, reminding you that the things that only a day ago had seemed swell, were, well, old.

I don’t know if I’d ever mentioned “See ya later, Alligator” to the kids, but they obviously heard it from somewhere. Anyone that I know, upon hearing someone utter these four words, would most likely be inclined to respond with “In a while, Crocodile”. You probably had the thought as you were reading the words when you clicked the link.

I suppose there’s a chance you didn’t. Perhaps your mind made the leap to your deep love of alligator skin boots and purses. Maybe you once ate alligator and interpreted the saying as “See ya later,(I’m going to go and eat a big bowl of) Alligator”. Perhaps, if you’re a particular wife of mine(I won’t mention which one), you thought “Hey Butt-Breath, that’s not how you spell “you””. If any of these thoughts DID happen to go through your mind, then I guess I’m pretty damn smart. Really, who else would have POSSIBLY come up with those ridiculous things to think of when hearing “See ya later, Alligator”(I’m not changing the way I write, just because my wife called me a mean name. Got a problem with how I write?! Write your own damn blog. Put up or shut up!)

My ridiculous son falls into the category of “People who don’t follow that saying up with the bit about the crocodile”(catchy title, eh? I should seriously consider going into the business of naming categories. I may not be a millionaire, but I’d bet, with a lot of hard work, I could be a hundredaire).

One day, not too long ago, and as ordinary as anything, he walked up to me and said “See ya later, alligator. Don’t forget your toilet paper. You’ll need it.” To top the whole experience off, the way he said “You’ll need it” sounded as though something disastrous was about to happen.

I’ll tell you, I didn’t leave his side for the next three days, fearing what might happen if, as his saying implied, I’d left without my toilet paper.

I don’t know where he learned this expression, and I’m not entirely certain that I want to. I can honestly say that I NEVER said such a thing when I was his age.

You win this round, Tevye.

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