Saarah’s Culinary Prowess

Children have funny ways of being complete goofballs 99% of the time(or maybe that’s just Saarah), and then completely surprise you with moments of genius, even in the midst of sheer goofballery. She’s such a goofball, in fact, that she’ll spend the two hours I’m watching a bike race playing a game called “being a goofball”. It usually consists of her standing on my chair behind where I’m sitting, and covering my eyes so that I can’t watch. While this is happening she makes ridiculous faces and laughs maniacally. It’s loads of fun, provided you didn’t actually want to watch the big move in the race, initiated half way up a mountain. Thank heavens we live in an age where you can rewind TV.

One night, just before bed, she was coming up with ridiculous things to eat, such as cat feet, her stinky toes, a book, a hockey stick, etc. Then she said she wanted to eat “Noodah”*. Not being familiar with this particular dish, I decided to inquire further. I was not prepared for the answer.

“What on earth is Noodah?”

“It’s beef balls”

“Oh? And how do you make Noodah?”

“First, you take beef, and mush it up(she meant ground beef). Then you roll it into a ball.”

“Alright, I’m with you so far.”

“Then you put noodles around it, and put some cheese on top, and put it in a pan with some sauce.”

“Oh, that sounds good!”

“But first you have to put it in the oven to cook it.”

So, that sounds tremendous. Sort of like an hors d’oeurve  version of lasagna. Perhaps next time we have a bunch of people over, Saarah and I will whip up a batch.

*I’m sure if it were left up to her, she’d insist that Noodah be eaten in the nude. I don’t know if I can get on board with that.

13 Responses to “Saarah’s Culinary Prowess”
  1. ScorpionGlow says:

    This is the first time I’m seeing the name Saarah used outside of my own family. Admittedly, my cousin’s name is Saara, but I am sure the pronunciation is the same.

    • Yeah, I’d have to imagine the pronunciation is the same. It’s the Hebrew pronunciation of the name “Sarah”, and is quite common in certain communities.

      • ScorpionGlow says:

        I’m from a pretty Reform background in terms of names, though I do have more religious members of my family who have more Hebrew based names. My own full name is a bit too common in my family, but at least I was the first. LOL.

  2. lovingthem says:

    Your kid is a genius. I’m totally on board with Noodahs.

  3. That sounds delicious (though I can imagine eating it in the nude would get ridiculously messy!)

  4. I’d take that over cat feet any day of the week…sounds like culinary gold!

  5. I may try it but while wearing clothes. How do you pronounce Saarah? My daughter is just plain Sarah.

  6. Msmouse7 says:

    Yum – that sounds like something I ate as a kid. Put stuffing within a ground beef ball. Pour chicken noodle soup (here’s the noodle part) and cook in the oven. Saarah and my mother must have read the same cookbook.

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