Bonding Over Chickens

“I think you two have done enough bonding for one day.”

This was the phrase uttered by my wife as Saarah and I arrived in the washroom to brush her teeth last night. I know that perhaps it’s not the sort of thing that most ladies would declare upon seeing her husband and daughter having a good time, but that’s exactly what happened. Perhaps you’d like the lead-up to this statement. Imagine the sound of a harp, everything on the screen is going fuzzy and wavy, and you’re transported back in time. WAY back in time. About half an hour…

Saarah had finished her bath, and we had some time before she was to be carted off to bed, kicking and screaming(she is, in reality, very good about going to bed, and never puts up a fuss). I was at the computer, checking my email, and the weather for the next day, when in walked this ridiculous girl, clad in fleece jammies with feet, pictures of penguins wearing winter clothing adorning the whole ensemble. She’s quite a sight, let me tell you.

“What song is that?” she sweetly asked, as she placed herself upon my lap.

“It’s called “Can You Picture That”, and it’s from one of the Muppet movies.”

So we sat and enjoyed the rest of the song, dancing and singing along.

It should be noted at this point that she and I have, what some may describe as “an addiction” to the Muppets. I don’t want to say I made the mistake of introducing her to the fuzzy glory that is The Muppets, but I probably should’ve known better.

She’s smaller than most people, hilarious, goofy, loves singing and dancing, and if she had a fuzzier epidermis she would BE a muppet.

So we listened to a few more songs: “Popcorn” by The Swedish Chef, “Life’s a Happy Song”, and then we finished with “Forget You” as performed by Camilla and the Chickens. At this point it was definitely time for teeth, a story, and bed. While I could’ve sat there all night with her, she DID have school in the morning, so I had to(begrudgingly) do the responsible thing.

Saarah and I then clucked out “Forget You” the whole way to the washroom. She took it a step further than I did, using her arms as wings, and walking like a chicken.

“I think you two have done enough bonding for one day.”

If my wife only knew the extent of singing, dancing, and Muppet imitating that went on in the days before Saarah was in school. Each day at lunch, that’s exactly what we’d do. Even though she’s been in school for a while now, I still think about her each day when I’m at home, wishing I had my dance partner.



14 Responses to “Bonding Over Chickens”
  1. Adorable! Thanks for starting my week off with a laugh!!

  2. Your daughter will cherish those days–and those dances. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love The Muppets! what a great way to bond!

  4. I also occasionally cluck songs. (my husband wants to strangle me when I do)

  5. Muppets rule!! What a great father you are!

  6. KL says:

    Awww… that’s just too lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

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