Good Enough for Grandad

Every father wants nothing more than for their son to grow up enjoying the same things they do, mimicking their ways, and carrying on family traditions(unless one of those family traditions is being a Canucks fan. If that’s the case, then tradition be damned).

So far, Tevye appreciates the same sense of humour that I do, enjoys the same sports, cheers for the same teams, and has a very similar taste in food(which is to say that he loves nearly everything). The older he gets, the more I realize that perhaps I’ve created a child that is so similar to myself, that I can’t help but feel bad for him. His turning into the same sort of weirdo that his father is was not a deliberate attempt on my part. It just sort of happened that way. If he can learn to embrace his peculiarities then he’ll be alright.

While he doesn’t have hairy legs yet, I know, just KNOW that he will acquire something that I’m quite certain only our family has. For a long time I didn’t realize it was a family trait, thinking that there was some sort of crossed wires in my head. Then one year, at a family gathering, I noticed that all of the men in our family has bald knees.

I couldn’t believe my luck! After all this time, thinking that perhaps my leg hair just wasn’t growing correctly, or that it was in dire need of leg-coverage instructions, it turned out that I was just one of many men with my last name that shared this particular genetic oddity. A mutation, I suppose, though not nearly as cool as Wolverine or Spiderman.

“So I suppose it was some sort of family gathering at the beach, where all the men wore shorts?”

No, it was the middle of winter. We were all wearing long pants, or “trousers” as they say in Britain(they probably have some ridiculous word in Australia like “Leg Boogalies”, but I can’t back that up), when we started mimicking my Grandad’s leg exposure when seated while wearing dress pants. Dress pants will, when worn properly, ride up a bit when in the sitting position, showing more sock than the average pair of jeans. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the rest of us were making it out to be(not me, mind you. I’m nothing, if not quiet and respectful. Grandad will back me up on this one… maybe not). As the top of his socks could be seen, we decided to hike our pants up enough that our shins could be seen.

As you might imagine, the whole scene got completely out of hand, knees were on display, napkins were being worn as hats, etc. You know, usual family gathering type stuff. At this point I realized that all the knees in attendance were shiny enough that if a car drove by at that moment, the reflection of our knobbly knees might cause an accident.

You can imagine my conflicted feelings at that moment. On the one hand, happy to discover I wasn’t alone in my plight. On the other hand, worried for the fate of passing motorists.

The discussion of bald knees and the showing of shins has since become a regular occurrence in our family, and so it was with great surprise and delight the other night that I discovered Tevye keeping his sister company while she was in the bath. I don’t know if his legs were warm, or if he was just channeling his inner Grandad, but the result was tremendous.


He just happens to be sitting on the toilet. He’s not using it for toilet-purposes

I wasn’t the one who stumbled upon this scene, but rather my wife. I was in another room when I heard “Just when you think he can’t be any more of YOUR son, he goes and does THIS!”

Whatever, she’s just jealous.

4 Responses to “Good Enough for Grandad”
  1. Bob Callow says:

    Moishe! You really did it good this time. The truth is out for all to see now!

  2. rofl… this and the images in my brain permanent and a bit scary.

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