She’s Going to be Trouble

This past weekend our house turned into a war zone. Alright, perhaps “war zone” is a bit of an understatement, but I’m not sure how else to describe the mood around here when the Leafs play the Habs. Oh sure, it’s just hockey and really has no bearing on real life, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t result in verbal abuse being hurled, along with the occasional left hook.

These Saturdays will inevitably cause the children to take sides, though this usually takes place after supper. They know that since I’m the one who’s making supper, if they don’t want to eat liver and onions, they’d better at least let me believe they’re going to make the right choice. Once I’ve finished making supper, all bets are off. Sometimes they’ll even switch allegiances half way through the first period.

For a long time it was a given that Tevye was going to cheer for the Leafs and Saarah would make terrible decisions early on in life, opting to cheer for a group of idiots who are so full of themselves that they refer to themselves as “Le Club du Hockey”. It takes a fair amount of testicular fortitude to make such a claim, which is a bit ironic as they all play like girls. The kids would seat themselves next to the parent they were choosing to side with, hurling insults across the room at the opposing camp. Upon a particularly good insult, high fives are exchanged(chest bumps don’t work yet, as the size difference doesn’t really allow for it).

This morning, after Miss Saarah and I had enjoyed our weekday morning Spongebob, she headed off to get dressed for school. As she walked passed the kitchen, she turned to say something to the Mama. The topic of hockey came up, with Mama touting the(make believe) merits of her ridiculous Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge. At this point Saarah looked up at me and informed me that she wished to whisper something in my ear. Not sure what to expect, I got all the way down to her level(it’s quite a way down).

“I really like the Leafs” she said.

“I do too, sweety. They’re way better than the habs.”

She then continued on her way, but as she got to her bedroom, something wonderful and worrying happened.

“Go Habs” said Mamooski

Then, looking right at me with an expression that, not only implied she was about to lie, but that the notion was utterly preposterous, she said “Yeah, go habs”. She then turned, walked into her room, and got dressed.

I nearly died laughing. What a cheeky devil.

With Tevye still firmly entrenched in the Leafs camp, it would appear that I’m winning the war.


1. While I made the “they play like girls” comment, I meant it as a joke. I’m very much in favour of women’s hockey getting the same attention as men’s hockey. Female athletes are tough as nails. Just watch women’s hockey or cycling. Seriously, you wouldn’t catch me messing with them.

2. Yes, I know that the Montreal Russians won in overtime on the weekend, but come on, the refs weren’t calling anything against the habs, and EVERYTHING against the Leafs. It was ridiculous. Aside from that, how many times have the habs beat the Leafs over the past two years? 2/9. Yeah, so I don’t want to hear it.

One Response to “She’s Going to be Trouble”
  1. suffolkbabies says:

    What a sweet story. It’s so amazing to watch children go from little cooing babies to fascinating human beings who are sophisticated enough to share inside jokes with you. My husband and I watch hockey with our toddler. We’re Islander fans, sad that they will be moving away before our son is really old enough to become a real fan too. Still, it’s fun to share this with him. It’s no coincidence that “ice” was one of his first words and he loves to talk about the puck and their special shoes (he can’t say “skates”).

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