Queen of the Photo-Bomb

The other day I had to take Tevye to the optometrist, because when we registered him for school it was discovered that he has no depth perception. Now, this came as quite a shock to me, as he and I play hockey in the basement all the time, and he’s got a one-timer as good … Continue reading

The Most Disgusting Creature in the World!

I like to consider myself relatively informed, whether it be about current events, upcoming movies, or methods for getting out of housework that my wife has demanded, um nope, sweetly asked me to complete. I’ve tried many strange foods, and am open to trying many more. There are, however, certain things that I was just … Continue reading

Pepe le Pew’s Here!

On Tuesday morning, the kids and I had gone to the grocery store and on our way to the car, while I was pushing the cart, Saarah looks right up at me and very assertively says “Tatte, bring your face right here!”. Not really sure what I was getting into, and not wanting to disappoint, … Continue reading

The Unseen Wedding

I’ve been to a number of weddings, and each and every one has been a day to remember. There are few things in life more beautiful than two people professing their love for one another, and vowing to spend the remainder of their lives together, no matter what adversity the couple should be confronted with. … Continue reading

01.20.2012 More Babies Than You Can Shake A Stick At

One of Nicole’s coworkers has children older than ours, and they had some toys/clothes that they didn’t use, so she gave them to us, which was very nice of her. Among the items was, you guessed it, yet another baby for Saarah. This is perfect because if there’s one thing that my daughter needs, it’s … Continue reading