I Thought This was Behind Us

As I recall, about a week and a half ago, I mentioned that it was almost Spring, and if it was still looking like winter the following Friday, I would be registering a formal complaint. Well last Friday, while it was no longer T shirt weather, it wasn’t bad. Last night, around 9pm, that self-absorbed … Continue reading

The Picnic Fort

This large pink and princess monstrosity is what’s known as a “bed tent”. Normally it lives atop Saarah’s bed, and she sleeps inside it, but since yesterday it has been located in the middle of her room. I’m not sure why it’s now in such an awkward location, as I was downstairs, making a great … Continue reading

Banana Muffins a la Saarah

Yesterday afternoon I was busy cleaning, writing, and doing all the things that I normally do during the day. I decided to go to the kitchen to get some coffee(a common occurrence, I might add). I was somewhat surprised to see little Miss Saarah, standing atop a stool, and making banana oatmeal muffins. As you … Continue reading