I’ll Be Hugging You

When I started blogging again, I mentioned that I was hoping to start working in the near future. Well, as my first week of daily posts, followed by a week with only one might suggest, I was able to procure suitable employment. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, but I did it. I had … Continue reading

Oh Hellllllooooo!

My lovely son has some absolutely ridiculous habits. Things that are completely unnecessary to continue existing, or even have any impact on daily life, but he’s insistent. My absolute favourite of his ridiculous habits is when we’re in the car. As soon as we arrive at our destination, at EVERY destination(really, it doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

Photography of a Three-Year-Old – Part Two

If you’re just joining us here at “Musings”, or if you just want to go back and check out the first part in this series, you can view it here. Once again I was mostly unaware that Saarah had gained access to the camera while we were at Soccer Practice over the weekend, and once … Continue reading

Saarah’s Sneaky Secrets

On Friday morning, while I still wasn’t feeling well, I was determined to write a blog post. I sat in front of the computer, searching through pictures and wracking my brain, trying to come up with something that I might share. While I sat here, I could hear the children in another room, and it … Continue reading

Why I haven’t been Blogging

First off, let me apologize for not posting anything over the past week. It’s not that I was too busy, or had nothing to write about, but rather, I’ve been horribly sick with the flu. Actually, the kids were also quite sick, though they managed to recover significantly faster than I’ve been able to. Somehow, … Continue reading

Time for a Nap

I was this close to not putting up a post today, primarily because I couldn’t think of a darn thing to write about. I once read a blog entry where the whole purpose of the poorly written ramblings were that the “writer” wanted to inform his readers that he had nothing to write about on … Continue reading

The Bad Idea

This post is really more about me sleeping, and not Saarah, but are you aware of how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you’re asleep? It’s very tricky, I can assure you. When the children wake each morning, they have a wonderful method of inquiring whether or not we, the parents, … Continue reading

Saarah’s Perfect Day

On Saturday, it was one of those rare days when absolutely everything comes together to form the perfect day. I don’t know what had transpired to create such a terrific 24 hours, but for Saarah, life was good. While the day started off like any normal weekend morning, it soon escalated in its terrific nature. … Continue reading

Our Friends, Papadohs

We have a funny relationship with balloons in our house. Prior to each birthday, there will be no less than 517 colourful balloons, blown up and hung about the house. Still more will cover the living room floor, and teeny tiny ones can be found floating in the fish tank. Open the fridge and out … Continue reading

My Girly Daughter

To say that Saarah is “girly” is like describing a hurricane as “a gentle spring zephyr”. She is absolutely obsessed with pink and frilly things, pretty dresses, and of course all things pertaining to faeries and princesses. She is all too keen to pretend to do her make up with Mama(call me crazy, but I … Continue reading