On Breastfeeding Dinosaurs

I think that my son is a wonderful, terrific, smart, funny, and handsome little gentleman, but sometimes he causes me to stop and scratch my head. He can be rather peculiar at times, to say the least. When he and Saarah play games that have family roles, Saarah is generally the mother, while Tevye plays … Continue reading

Like an Elephant

I’ve previously mentioned Tevye’s memory, and how remarkable it is, especially when applied to recalling exact locations of previous popcorn-acquisition. You can tell the boy something, not mention it for over a year, and he will start talking about it completely out of the blue. It’s generally one of those moments when Mama and I … Continue reading

A T-Rex Named Sue

While Tevye was cracking jokes about Sue the Tyrannosaurs Rex, he didn’t realize that she was standing right behind him. Last spring Sue the T Rex came to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, and Tevye and I demanded that we be allowed to go and see for ourselves. Nicole, ever eager to please, … Continue reading