Oh Hellllllooooo!

My lovely son has some absolutely ridiculous habits. Things that are completely unnecessary to continue existing, or even have any impact on daily life, but he’s insistent. My absolute favourite of his ridiculous habits is when we’re in the car. As soon as we arrive at our destination, at EVERY destination(really, it doesn’t matter if … Continue reading

A Good Ocean for Mermaids

Over the summer we spent some time in British Columbia, visiting family, and showing the children what trees and mountains SHOULD look like. Not these dinky little things that are scattered throughout Nova Scotia. There are folk songs that talk about the mountains in this province, but I’ve yet to see anything that even remotely … Continue reading

The Giant Feather Hat

One night, many years ago, I was out on the town with a friend of mine. After a hard day of working as a pedicab driver, pulling hefty folks around town, we decided a beer was in order. We hit up a local joint that prided itself on how ridiculously class-less it could become. Bras … Continue reading

Stay the Heck Out!

Come along, wont you, on a wonderful journey called a “tangent”. The best part of this one is that I don’t know if it can even be considered a tangent, due to the fact that I’m leading with it. Although,  if you think about it, I’m now on a tangent WHILE talking about tangents. Okay, … Continue reading

The Unacceptable Mermaid

Over the weekend there was an open house at the Tim Horton’s Camp in Tatamagouche, and a certain wife of mine thought it would be a good idea to go. I was somewhat hesitant, given that the afternoon would consist of a whole slew of poorly-behaved children, hopped up on timbits and ice cream, running … Continue reading

Go Hesjedal Go!

The kids and I, and to a lesser extent Mama, have been watching the Giro d’Italia each and every morning. Aside from the fact that it’s a terrific three week, absolutely grueling bike race all over Italy, overshadowed in prestige only by the Tour de France, Ryder Hesjedal, from Victoria, BC, Canada was named Captain … Continue reading

What’s With the Peanuts?

So this fella walks into a pub(you’ll notice I didn’t say “bar”. This was to ensure that nobody followed interrupted me by saying “ouch”. Of course, now I’ve gone on this whole bit, it has proven to be completely unnecessary, as I’ve spent much more time explaining how I didn’t want to be interrupted, while … Continue reading


This weekend marked the very first soccer practice for Tevye and Saarah. Leading up to the big day, Saarah was quite excited, but Tevye was nervous. He was worried that his coach might not be very nice, or that he might yell and be angry. For the first while I was unable to figure out … Continue reading

Shoveling Stinky Dirt

The weather over the past few days has been co-operating, at least some of the time, and so we’ve been able to play outside in the yard. Yesterday was 7 degrees in the afternoon, though on Monday morning everything had a light dusting of snow, I suppose just to remind me that I live in … Continue reading

My Money is on the Car

The kids have spent the last hour doing laps in the living room, apparently having races with their toys. Tevye chose his Lightning McQueen, a super speedy race car, as his entrant for the “Living Room 500”. Saarah, being the interesting, though horribly impractical soul that she is, chose her Dora Fairy to race on … Continue reading