Saarah’s Culinary Prowess

Children have funny ways of being complete goofballs 99% of the time(or maybe that’s just Saarah), and then completely surprise you with moments of genius, even in the midst of sheer goofballery. She’s such a goofball, in fact, that she’ll spend the two hours I’m watching a bike race playing a game called “being a … Continue reading

It’s Pronounced “Lentils”

Poor Tevye woke up feeling horribly sick yesterday morning, and spent the majority of the day either resting on the couch, or sleeping in his bed. He didn’t even get up until 11am, and then by 2pm he was back in his bed, sawing logs. He didn’t eat much of anything all day, claiming that … Continue reading

Saarah’s Perfect Day

On Saturday, it was one of those rare days when absolutely everything comes together to form the perfect day. I don’t know what had transpired to create such a terrific 24 hours, but for Saarah, life was good. While the day started off like any normal weekend morning, it soon escalated in its terrific nature. … Continue reading