The Giant Feather Hat

One night, many years ago, I was out on the town with a friend of mine. After a hard day of working as a pedicab driver, pulling hefty folks around town, we decided a beer was in order. We hit up a local joint that prided itself on how ridiculously class-less it could become. Bras … Continue reading

Time for a Nap

I was this close to not putting up a post today, primarily because I couldn’t think of a darn thing to write about. I once read a blog entry where the whole purpose of the poorly written ramblings were that the “writer” wanted to inform his readers that he had nothing to write about on … Continue reading

My Girly Daughter

To say that Saarah is “girly” is like describing a hurricane as “a gentle spring zephyr”. She is absolutely obsessed with pink and frilly things, pretty dresses, and of course all things pertaining to faeries and princesses. She is all too keen to pretend to do her make up with Mama(call me crazy, but I … Continue reading

Mark This Date on Your Calendar

As I type this, I’m listening to classical music on CBC. Very fittingly, “Fanfare for the Common Man” has just come on. Actually, it’s a kind of creeping me out, just how well it works with the theme that I’m going for. As a matter of fact, click here for the music. Put it on … Continue reading

Can You Hear Me?

The kids have been playing a game lately which involves plenty of shouting and ridiculous child-logic. I don’t know that it’s a game, so much as it is a way to drive me nuts. Of course, finding new and innovative ways of driving their poor tatte nuts can be a game, in and of itself. … Continue reading

Did we move to the Arctic?

Last night I was giving Nicole a sneak preview of today’s photos, and as soon as I opened up iPhoto, she exclaimed “Where did we move to? The Arctic?!” Now obviously we didn’t move above the Arctic Circle, though some days in the middle of February, when the harbour has been frozen solid for a … Continue reading

Puzzlepalooza 2012

Sick and tired of flimsy cardboard puzzle boxes falling apart, Nicole had the brilliant idea to switch most of the kids puzzles to Tupperware containers. Not only that, but she had the foresight to tape the the picture from each box to the inside of the lid so that the puzzles shouldn’t get mixed up. … Continue reading

Baoentoims Day

On the weekend we informed the kids that Valentines Day was this week. Upon this discovery, Saarah was so excited that when she started jumping up and down, she almost put her head through the ceiling. She’s a big fan of the day, despite the fact that she was completely unaware of any meaning or … Continue reading

Stinky Germs

Tevye and Saarah, after seeing a show, are always eager to reenact what they’ve just watched, and today was no exception. They will generally put their own spin on the events, and elaborate on the subject matter(see Rocket to the Cheese Moon). While it may look as though the kids are playing with some horrid … Continue reading

Too Darn Cold

While I try and get the kids outside as much as I can, there are some days that it’s just too darn cold or miserable. This past weekend, and now today, really exemplify that. On Saturday it warmed up to three degrees, which, if it had been sunny would have been a terrific day to … Continue reading