In His Yiddishe Fingers

I can’t imagine there are a lot of regular readers of this blog who speak yiddish, but it’s a lovely language, full of colour and personality. Now, I don’t speak the language, but I’ve certainly encountered some words and expressions over the years. A good book, for those of you who would like to discover … Continue reading

The Things You Do…

Judaism teaches lessons in, sometimes, odd ways. For example, when lighting the chanukiah, you always light the newest candle first. Why? Because every candle gets a chance to be lit first, so that none of their feelings are hurt. There’s also a very specific hierarchy of blessings over food. The top of that list is … Continue reading

Sucks to Christmas, We’ve got Doughnuts!

Yes, as some of you are aware, we are currently in the middle of Chanukah, and we’re loving every minute of it. We’ve got so many things to be excited about during this wonderful holiday, and I’m really enjoying how much the kids are getting into it this year. Oh sure, there’s presents, and latkes, … Continue reading

Local News Agency Confirms True Identity of Spiderman

After years of speculation and wondering, the true identity of the superhero known as Spiderman, has been confirmed. For many years, it was rumoured that a young photographer, by the name of Peter Parker, was the man behind the mask, but recently that has been disproved. Parker had everyone believing that he was responsible for … Continue reading

How to Name a Frog

This past weekend we, along with a set of grandparents, spent a few days on Prince Edward Island. You might think that since the ferry is only a short drive from our house we would have been there sometime in the past three years that we’ve lived here, but no, we had not. As a … Continue reading

What’s With the Peanuts?

So this fella walks into a pub(you’ll notice I didn’t say “bar”. This was to ensure that nobody followed interrupted me by saying “ouch”. Of course, now I’ve gone on this whole bit, it has proven to be completely unnecessary, as I’ve spent much more time explaining how I didn’t want to be interrupted, while … Continue reading

Photography of a Three-Year-Old

Somehow little Miss Saarah Chayah will end up gaining access to the camera on occasion. She will then proceed to take copious numbers of pictures of everything that she sees. She pays no heed to whether the picture is of an interesting subject, or is even in focus, she just enjoys pressing the button. The … Continue reading

Shoveling Stinky Dirt

The weather over the past few days has been co-operating, at least some of the time, and so we’ve been able to play outside in the yard. Yesterday was 7 degrees in the afternoon, though on Monday morning everything had a light dusting of snow, I suppose just to remind me that I live in … Continue reading

The Famous Harmonica Players

It’s funny listening to Tevye and Saarah develop their vocabulary. One day they discover a new word, and suddenly they wont stop using it. Currently the word of choice is “famous”. I’m not sure where they heard it, or what the original context was, but suddenly, everything is “The famous (insert noun-of-choice here)”, whether it … Continue reading

The Bad Idea

This post is really more about me sleeping, and not Saarah, but are you aware of how hard it is to take a picture of yourself when you’re asleep? It’s very tricky, I can assure you. When the children wake each morning, they have a wonderful method of inquiring whether or not we, the parents, … Continue reading