Bonding Over Chickens

“I think you two have done enough bonding for one day.” This was the phrase uttered by my wife as Saarah and I arrived in the washroom to brush her teeth last night. I know that perhaps it’s not the sort of thing that most ladies would declare upon seeing her husband and daughter having … Continue reading

In His Yiddishe Fingers

I can’t imagine there are a lot of regular readers of this blog who speak yiddish, but it’s a lovely language, full of colour and personality. Now, I don’t speak the language, but I’ve certainly encountered some words and expressions over the years. A good book, for those of you who would like to discover … Continue reading

Saarah’s Culinary Prowess

Children have funny ways of being complete goofballs 99% of the time(or maybe that’s just Saarah), and then completely surprise you with moments of genius, even in the midst of sheer goofballery. She’s such a goofball, in fact, that she’ll spend the two hours I’m watching a bike race playing a game called “being a … Continue reading

A Canadian Heritage Moment

The title, for you folks who’s ancestors decided it a good idea to live somewhere that isn’t (almost) completely covered in ice 6 months of the year, comes from a series of commercials from when I was much younger. They would, in 60 second segments, tell the much abridged version of important events in Canadian … Continue reading

It’s Not Fun, It’s Ballet

We enrolled the little Miss in Ballet last fall, and she’s been keen to go at every opportunity since. She participated in her first ballet recital last spring, and I couldn’t have been more proud. We weren’t allowed behind the doors that lead her to the dressing rooms, so we had to leave her in … Continue reading

The Things You Do…

Judaism teaches lessons in, sometimes, odd ways. For example, when lighting the chanukiah, you always light the newest candle first. Why? Because every candle gets a chance to be lit first, so that none of their feelings are hurt. There’s also a very specific hierarchy of blessings over food. The top of that list is … Continue reading

When I was a Boy

If it wasn’t bad enough that I’ve broke my hip in the past year, been forced to use a walker, and completely fail to understand the youth of today, my son has a unique way of reaffirming just how old I am. Over the past two nights, he and I have been reading a book … Continue reading

And You Thought I was Nuts

Yesterday, from the moment I woke up, until the time that I went to bed(or rather, fell asleep on the couch while watching the Habs game), my hip was sore. Of course, that meant that I was walking around all day telling everyone “My hip’s acting up. Must be a storm a’brewin’”. As usual, people … Continue reading

How Do You Know?

This question, while seemingly innocent, is fast becoming the most obnoxious string of four words to ever come out of my darling son’s mouth. It started when he asked a question about how something was made, done, procured, or performed(I have absolutely no idea. The boy asks a lot of questions. Who can keep track … Continue reading

He’s YOUR Son

Normally a phrase used by mothers to imply that their son is doing something completely absurd or stupid that he could have ONLY picked up from his father. If not for teaching their sons how to act like morons, what is the ultimate point of fathers, anyway? It doesn’t even matter if the act of … Continue reading